Monday, October 14, 2013

Are you TOO OLD to have a DREAM? [UBC Post 14]

"Are you TOO OLD to have a DREAM?" is something I've been mulling about...

Let me explain with the following personal examples

A 80 year old teacher actively involved in teaching and education
Her Dream: Molding and shaping the minds of students, to influence the next generation in a positive way

A 75 year old social activist who is working day and night for a cause he believes in
His Dream: A corruption-free society for tomorrow's generation

A 72 year old entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about forest conservation
His Dream:A "Greener Earth" 50 years from now

A 67 year old uncle pursuing his PhD
His Dream:To have a Dr. in front of his name; and to make a significant contribution to a research area

A 65 years old Director General of an eductional group of institutions
His Dream:To ensure that his institute is rated in the Top 5 in the country

A 63 year old Grandma with 3 grand children
Her Dream: To live to see the weddings of her grand-children

A  57 year old healthcare consulting professional
His Dream:To change the face of healthcare in the country - providing quality healthcare at affordable costs for the masses and provide "patient-centric" healthcare facilities

A 50 year old uncle ailing from Chronic Renal Failure and currently on dialysis
His Dream: To live a dialysis-free life with a kidney transplantation

A 40 year old kidney specialist (nephrologist)
Her Dream: To have enough funds so that the poor and needy kidney patients are not be deprived of medical treatment (medicines / dialysis / transplantation)

A 35 year old IT professional who is 45 kgs overweight
His Dream:To lose 50 kgs and live a normal and healthy life

A 33 year old law + management student working for the US Government
His Dream: To run for the office of the President of the United States

A 27 year old mother who cannot have a child
His Dream: To have her own baby some day

A 24 year old working professional
His Dream:To start an entrepreneurial venture some day

A 20 year old college student
His Dream: To have financial independence; and not depend on others for finances

A 18 year old school girl
Her Dream:To win the Nobel Prize some day

A 13 year old teenage girl
Her Dream: To study abroad

A 11 year old boy who is crazy about cars
His Dream:To be a car engineer and drive all the possible cars in the world (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, BMW, etc.) - Asked me to check this link for the images of cars :)

A 8 year old blind girl
Her Dream: To see the world with her eyes some day in life

A 2 year old baby
His Dream: To eat a chocolate everyday :)

Well.. No one is ever too old to have a dream. In fact it is dreams which give us a purpose for life, which keep us awake at night and which make up jump from bed in the morning.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."  BY Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you have a dream?

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  1. I don't think we're ever too old to have a dream, nor are we limited to just one. Some of mine are small and personal, others are more grandiose. :)

    Visiting you from Facebook Ultimate Blog Challenge blogboost. Happy Monday!

    1. I agree Theresa.. Never too old and never too few. Have a lovely week ahead! Nischala

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I love these examples? Are these people you know?

    1. Lisa - Yes! I know all of them..And that inspired the post. Tx for stopping by. Nischala

  3. Thank you for sharing Nischala....I do love this. It is so important to believe that you can still have a dream and know that even if you don't get to your ultimate dream, that you made great differences in other's lives along the way.

    1. I so agree Peggy. Lovely thought.. Sometimes you know deep down that you'll never get there.. But trying learning and making a difference makes all the difference. Tx for stopping by. Nischala

  4. As long as you have breath in your body, I don't think it matters how old you are your dreams can still be attained. ♥

    1. I agree Kathy.. Tx for stopping by.. Keep dreaming and keep living :)

  5. This was such a beautiful post, chronicling the dreams of every age group of people that you know of, it hit such a beautiful chord in my heart.

    I guess this is why the saying goes "The moment you stop dreaming is the moment you stop living"

    1. Thanks Jairam.. Wonderful to hear that it touched a chord... Live to dream, and dream to live :)

  6. Nischala, this is some of the few things I believe in. And the way your ladder went each time I smiled. Sometimes because I felt their pain and sometimes because I shared their dream. Perhaps I am that two year old always dreaming to eat chocolates :) You write wonderfully girl, enjoyed your posts a lot :)


    1. Richa - There is so much emotion, passion, belief and will to succeed in every one of them. And the fact that I know all of them personally means I know what that dream means to them.. Great that you believe in the power of dreams.. It is so important to dream and never give up! 2 year old? I know of 30 / 40+ women whose dream it is to eat a chocolate everyday ;). And yes, Thanks so much for the comment and compliment. It means a lot.. Nischala

  7. I completely agreed...none of us are too old to dream.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dream and dream big sugandha.. Tx for stopping by

  8. we are never too old to dream are we?!
    I love it when I dream in colours..

    1. Color or Black & White - Its the dream which counts.. Happy Dreaming. Nischala