Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boys, Girls, Multi-Tasking and More

Ever since I've become a mother, my circle of friends has increased phenomenally. I have many a mommy friends now, you see. There's that "SOMETHING" about becoming a MOTHER which makes you instantly and wonderfully bond with other mothers - Age no bar, culture no bar, social standing no bar, ethnicity no bar.... No bars really (literally and figuratively!)! You will always find a zillion topics to speak about !

During many recent interactions with very many mummy friends, many of my mummy friends  vouched for the fact that girls are born with the multi-tasking gene intact (or talent if you'd call it that). Let me explain with an example.. Even a 10 day old baby girl will demonstrate this. How? She can drink milk and pee / do potty at the same time. (And in case you're not a parent, babies at that age really do the following - Sleep, Drink milk, 3P's = Pee, Poop, or Puke and Cry!). I can vouch for this from personal experience.

However, for boys - this gene somewhere got mutated / lost / modified (or the talent does not exist!). So most boys will either drink milk and if they want to pee / poop in between they will stop drinking, pee / poop and then continue drinking milk.. Again, ask any mother you know, or your own mother - if you don't believe me!

As boys and girls grow, this difference starts becoming more apparent. And by the time they are adults, you can see a noticeable difference. For e.g.: A girl / lady will be talking on the phone, watching TV, working on her official presentation and Tweeting / FaceBooking (Yes! Those words exist) at the same time. Most boys I find will possibly (and probably) only be watching TV (for the most part) at one time. Or they will be working on the official presentation. Again I know that there will be exceptions to the above. But I am speaking based on my personal observations, and for a vast majority of individuals

So here's the thing | In my view, girls are probably (and definitely) better at multi-tasking than boys. Look around you.. And there are so many real-life examples to see. Your mother? Your grandmother? Your aunts? .. The list is endless..Probably, this is nature's way of enabling girls as they grow up to be women, and most importantly to better equip them to fulfill their role as mothers (if and when that happens). Trust me, no MOTHER can really survive without multi-tasking.

From personal experience, I know that multi-tasking is good and great for many things in life, but along the way I've learned a few lessons as well.. And I'm sharing them in this post..

* For the things that really matter to you, do ONE THING AT A TIME. It gets done fast and really well and will make all the difference in the quality of output, and personal satisfaction you'd get!

* While multi-tasking is great and many times a necessity, I have found that multi-tasking sometimes takes as much time (or many times even more time) than doing one task at a time serially. So before you get into the multi-tasking mode, ask yourself if it really is required?

* As a girl / woman, recognize that you have a "+1" (or an advantage) in comparison to boys / men with respect to multi-tasking. Be aware of it, recognize it as your strength and maximize its benefit in your life :)

That concluded my post on Boys, Girls, Multi-Tasking and More. Would love to hear your views. Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. I really had not noticed this difference all these days, but now that you have mentioned it, I have to try and experiment on this with my 2 yr old daughter. I will let you know the results.

  2. I agree that there are flip sides of our ability to multi task. well put Nischala :)

    1. Everything had pros and cons, right?

  3. Agree girls are better at multi-tasking . but at times multi-tasking creates mess and funny incidents take place.

  4. I am bad at multi- tasking actually. If we plan well, we can avoid the multitasking to a great deal I think. But I am not a good planner either. I guess, I do end up multitasking and messing up things too. :(