Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Did you get food to eat?

"Be grateful for the food that you eat every single day; for there are so many in the world who know not what it is to have food every single day"  Nischala Murthy Kaushik

Today (16 Oct 2013) is World Food Day. World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honor of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. Since 1981, World Food Day has adopted a different theme each year, in order to highlight areas needed for action and provide a common focus.The World Food Day theme for 2013 is "Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition". To know more, click here

First a few food and hunger facts:
World Hunger Statistics
Total number of children that die every year from hunger 1.5 million
Percent of world population considered to be starving 33%
Time between deaths of people who die from hunger 3.6 seconds
Total number of people in the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition 800 million
Total number of people who do not have enough to eat 936 million people
Total percentage who do not have enough to eat who live in developing countries 98%
Total percentage of world’s hungry that live in 7 countries 65%
Number of people who died of hunger today 20,864
Total number of people who will die of hunger this year 7,615,360
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 Just reading the above made me cringe. I mean "food" is something many of us take for granted. We expect it to be given to us hot and fresh 2-3 times a day. Many of us consider it to be our "right", "need", "necessity" or whatever else you'd like to call it.

Have you ever stopped to think about how lucky you are to get "good healthy well-cooked food" 2 - 4 times a day every single day?

Have you ever stopped to think about those who have no access to hygienic and well-cooked food?

Have you ever stopped to ponder about the less-fortunate who cannot afford even one square meal a day?

And these people do form a significant / size-able and notable portion of the world's population

Here's the fact | The most important requirements of every cell in the human body are Oxygen, Food, Water, and how to excrete waste. So if someone does not eat, then it directly impacts and influences his / her existence.
The most important requirements of every cell in the human body are Oxygen, Food, Water, and how to excrete waste. Along the journey of life, we’re taught what and how to eat right, the importance of replenishing yourself with water and fluids and of course, we naturally eliminate waste from the body in one of many ways! - See more at:

Here's another truth | There have been times in my own life when I have experienced what it means to be really "hungry" (I am sure many of you would have too). And it is in those moments that you understand the meaning of the statement that "It is possible to do anything to appease your hunger and get some food". Trust me, if you've been there - you'll know what it means to be hungry.

And the last point |  Have you ever tried to understand how many things "go in" for you to eat that one meal? From the weather and rains, to the toils of the farmer, to the people directly / indirectly involved in agriculture, to the wholesaler, to the vegetable vendor, to the clean drinking water, to the one who cooks your food, to all the spices that add to the taste, to the fact that you had the financial resources to buy the raw materials, gas and everything else required to cook a meal..... I can go on and on and on. Needless to say, there are just a zillion entities that work together to make it all happen. So take a minute to reflect, and say THANK YOU for the food you've eaten in the past, the food you'll eat today and the food you'll eat in the future. You are blessed and lucky indeed..

Among one of the most important "human rights" is "THE RIGHT TO LIVE" (purely in the physical sense of the word).. And food is at the center of the that right. Give a good hearty meal today to someone who can't afford it. It will make a DIFFERENCE

Few pointers of what you can do in everyday life to make a difference
* Eat to live ; and not live to eat. Don't make food the focal point of your life every single day
* Try to eat food only when you're hungry
* Take all you want and eat all you take
* Don't throw away food.  Learn ways to re-use as-is or in new ways. There are so many interesting things one can do with left-overs. Google it!
* You have the power to control food waste - Stop your friend from doing it
* Skip a meal 1 time in a week. It can be the fodder for someone else, and does wonders to your perspectives on "food"
* At a regular frequency, sponsor the meal of someone who can't afford it (In your community, in a religious place, in a social welfare group, etc.)

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  1. Excellent post on an important subject!
    Avoiding wastage of food is something that does not involve a crusade against anybody else. Each person must avoid wasting food.

    1. Thanks You. Yes, we can all do our bit and best as a part of everyday life. Does not take any effort at all.. Nischala

  2. It is awful to think so many people in our world today are hungry. Despite all the foods donated to food banks there still isn't enough to feed everyone. If we could all do our part to donate some food and do our part, maybe world hunger wouldn't be such an issue. Unfortunately the problem of hunger isn't on the other side the world any more. It is in our own backyard. It is our neighbors and friends. The economy doesn't help the situation one bit.

    1. Kathy - It is the reality of today. We are indeed fortunate to have food, and be writing about it! I agree that the economy is not helping, but we can still do our bit and best to make a difference. After all, tiny drops of water make the mighty ocean right? Nischala

  3. Thank you Nischala for building awareness around this issue. So very important so I thank you for bringing this forward.
    Healthy blessings and gratitude,

    1. Thank You Gena. We can all do our bit everyday to make a difference. Best wishes. NIschala

  4. Absolutely wonderful post, and it is a topic that is so close to my heart as well. Just like Proactive Indian said in his comment, the initiative not to waste food is something that all of us people, educated and uneducated must make a conscious attempt to do.

    1. Tx for your kind words & I so agree with you Jairam. It breaks my heart when I see food wastage at home, and more so in public gatherings / functions / weddings. If only there was a way to share the excess food with those who need it, it would make so much difference. The thing is food is perishable, so whats gone is gone! We should do our bit and best everyday. Nischala

  5. Brilliantly written, Nischala. The statistics are compelling and so many times, we are selfish by chucking out food that go waste. I am guilty of that despite been hungry craving for food in life. We should always think of others before we waste food.

    1. Thanks Vishal for your kind words. Yes, many of us are guilty of not valuing the food that we eat. That's the reason that in many religions it was mandatory to say a prayer before you eat. That used to be a powerful reminder. Sadly, practice is no longer followed, neither is food valued. Do share with anyone else and hope this post makes a difference in a small way. Nischala

  6. Excellent post Nischala and a wonderful choice of topic. Thank you for linking it to my blog.