Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Mummy is the BEST COOK in the world

For the first 3 years, Mummy fed her baby milk and all the good healthy baby food. The baby gulped it down.. gulp gulp gulp.. No chocolates, no pizzas, no french fries, no noodles, no junk food.. Just the healthy balanced Indian meal..
Happy well fed baby = Happy content Mummy

Then the baby started getting a bite of the "till then hidden pleasures and treasures of the very many types of foods" - chocolates, french fries, pizzas, noodles, pastries, ice-creams, et al
And refused the humble healthy Indian meal, So baby says a big NO NO to roti, dal and vegetables!

Now, what is poor hassled mummy to do?
Morning its Googling, Afternoon - its round table discussions with veteran mommies, Evening its advice time from family, Night visits to Mummy blogs, and lots of mid-night pondering

Mummy's only aim : Baby should eat at least 1 healthy "Indian" meal in a day which includes a balance of all food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat). The combination of roti topped with ghee, dal, vegetables and curd was just not working. Day after day. Baby dismissed all these foods as boring, yucky and inedible. Sigh!
Unhappy unfed baby = Mummy's nightmare
After all the consultants, advices and pondering.. Here's what Mummy did.. She started mixing the roti dough with boiled vegetables (fully mashed / blended) / cooked dal (again fully mashed / blended) / milk or a combination of some of these. And made a yummy paratha topped with some butter / ghee / cheese. Mummy named this the "Indian pizza", and it also passed Mummy's checklist of having a balance of all food groups (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat). Along with a cup of fruit yoghurt (aka curd), baby gulped down this yummy new  delicacy. Day after day.
‘Ignorance indeed is bliss, Mummy thought to herself.’ after baby had eaten this healthy meal for almost a month, and said "Hmmm Mummy... so yummy. My mummy is the BEST COOK in the world"
Happy well fed baby = Happy content Mummy

Morals of the story :
(1) You'll never ever really know what all goes into mummy's cooking!
(2) Eat healthy, Stay fit!
(3) Ignorance is bliss

PS: The above mentioned roti / chappati / paratha actually tastes yum. Try it!

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  1. you summarized the the story nicely. great entry for WOW

  2. This was such a beautiful, creative take on the WoW prompt. Awesome awesome post. Truly loved it.

    1. Tx Jairam. Being a parent and getting children to eat healthy fosters creativity, right?

  3. Necessity is the mother of invention!
    Or is it, Invention is a mother's necessity? :-)