Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nischala's Blog-o-Q : What is it about the Number 3? [UBC Post 15]

From as long as I can recall - I have LOVED the Number 3. I don't know why.. But it was always my favorite number. It looks good when you write, It sounds good, It feels good to see it, It feels good to say it...

I've been mulling more about the Number 3 - What is it so special about it?
I mean if I look around me, I observe that it does have significance
For e.g.:
  • A victory stand has only 3 positions - 1,2 & 3.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • In Math, there are 3 axes- X, Y & Z
  • We almost always use 3 variables - x,y,z OR Alpha, Beta, Gama
  • In school, they always used to announce top 3 ranks - 1,2 & 3.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • My dad always said "You cannot have more than 3 things on your priority list" .. Why not 2? or 4?
  • There are 3 primary colors - Red, Blue and Green.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • There's the Past / Present / Future - 3 times of existence.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • The limbs (hands / legs) have 3 joints.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • All literature talks about body, mind and spirit as 3 dimensions of "being"
  • Genetic information is encoded in DNA and RNA using a triplet codon system.. Why not 2? or 4?
  • Atoms consist of three constituents: protons, neutrons, and electron..Why not 2? or 4?
  • In music, 3 notes in a triad, the basic form of any chord
  • A hat-trick in sports is associated with succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts.. There's no special mention of doing it twice or 4 times (to the best of my knowledge)
  • National Flag of India has 3 main color. In fact from what I've seen many flags of countries across the world have 3 colors only
  • A family is said to be complete with the Mother, Father and Children.. Again 3!
  • Thought, word, and deed complete the sum of human capacity. They add to your karma
  • World consist of 3 cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction
  • According to Hinduism,"the Hindu triad" or the "Great Trinity" are often addressed as "Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara ; Personified by the forms of Brahmā the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver and Śhiva the destroyer or transformer
  • There are also 3 Devis or Goddesses in Hinduism - Durga (Strength) Lakshmi (Wealth) and Saraswati (Learning) - 3 in number
Every where I looked - be it science, arts, technology, genetics, religion, everyday life - The Number 3 DOES have special importance and significance.

In an attempt to understand what is special about the Number 3, I did some research. Sharing below key highlights of my search:
* 3 Denotes completeness. Three is significant of Divine perfection and completeness.  [Src: http://levendwater.org/companion/append10.html ]
*3 (divine perfection) is considered to be a perfect number along with 7 (spiritual perfection), 10 (ordinal perfection), and 12 (governmental perfection). [Src: http://levendwater.org/companion/append10.html ]
* The spiritual meaning of number : Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage. The number Three invokes expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity. [Src: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/spiritual-meaning-of-numbers.html ] 

Now I know WHY I loved this number. Its not just a number. There's so much more to it!

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  1. That was a nice, cute and smart post all at once (3 attributes)

    Interesting though how you managed to come up with so many facts about the number 3

  2. very informative. And some of things we do know and yet cannot correlate it to the common thread of three. Can I share a secret? I used to be very much against the number three, something about it being unlucky for me :D :D its been a while since I thought that now :)


    1. Richa - There are so many things we don't really understand. Only when we pause and reflect... We truly understand the significance. well, unlucky? Hmm.. guess to each his / her own.. Tx for stopping by.. Love - Nischala

  3. That's one comprehensive research on number three...my favorite is seven

    1. Tx Sugandha.. I started this series on my blog Nischala's Blog-o-Q just to build / enhance my own understanding of some things.. Its been a wonderful journey this far.. 7 represents spiritual perfection :).. Nischala

  4. Neat thoughts! I can't tell you why 3 is so important, but there it is. 3 is an important number in Christianity/Judaism as well. :)

    1. Erin - Thanks for sharing. I will read about this.. And Tx for stopping by. I appreciate it. Nischala

  5. A triangle is the strongest structure as well! I've thought about this myself. Thanks for the information!

    1. Lianda - Did not think of the triangle.. Thanks for highlighting.. Nischala

  6. There is certainly something to be said as to the intrigue of 3. I know as someone from theatre, odd numbers make for a more interesting stage picture. I loved learning about some of the things you listed. Thank you!

    1. I did not know about theater. Thanks for bringing to my attention. Glad you learned something from the post. I learned from your comment :). Thanks for stopping by. Nischala

  7. This was fascinating to read!! The first thing that came to mind for me is that there are always 3 deaths. Deaths come in 3's or people you know in close succession. It may be just superstition but I have known it to be true in my own life.

    1. Kathy - Thanks for your kind words.. I honestly did not know about the "death" connection to 3. Tx for letting me know.. We can't explain many things, but know that they are true. Tx for stopping by. Nischala

  8. You really do love the number three!!! I am unfortunately terrified of odd numbered days or years. It's something I'm working on, so to see that there are a lot of cool things about an odd number is a step forward for me. Thank you. Amanda HelmiBM from UBC, :)

    1. Yes, I do love 3! Why terrified? Hearing that for the first time.. Good luck and hope you find the beauty in the odd one's.. 3 included. Nischala

  9. heh! I love the number 9!! :D
    learnt quite a few things from this post!! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. I love 9 too.. :).. Glad you learned something new. Nischala

  10. ........and Lord Shiva's third eye.very good information

    1. Thanks. I missed the 3rd eye. And I am sure I missed so many other 3's. Learning and adding from the comments. Nischala