Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh Bigg Boss! Oh Bigg Boss!

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
What is it about you...?
What is it about you that I know not?
What is it about you that I comprehend not?

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
You've landed right at the top
Beating the news, cricket, serials, movies, and even Arnab Goswami!
So, you've got talent!

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
You've changed my dinner time, my family time, my bed time
And that affects my wake-up time
Which influences the rest of my day and my mood
For worse than for better

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
Ever since you came into my life
You've turned it upside down
Every time you're on
The spouse does not look or talk to me
The children ignore me
The friends don't answer my calls, chat requests, messages
The colleagues don't attend conference calls, respond to mails
Even the parents make themselves unavailable to their kids!
And, FaceBook and Twitter are also chanting thy name 
Time and people seem to just stand still when you're around
Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
What are you?
A bunch of boys / girls / men and women
Living under the same roof
Waking up, Eating, Sleeping, Chatting,
Singing, Dancing and really killing time
Doing some mundane and interesting tasks
Nothing really meaningful or constructive
And along the way,
There are cat fights, dog fights and fist fights
There are laughs, tears (pseudo and real) and everything else in-between
There are groups, politics and everything else in-between
There are friends, enemies and all those in-between
There is this and that, and everything in-between

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
What's the big deal about you?
Is it the concept that makes it work?
Is it the spice you add that make it juicy?
Is it the beautiful girls that make it tick?
Is it the real / make-believe romances that appeal?
Is it the drama and action that draws one and all?
Is it the public display of emotions that make it a treat?
Is it the honest and open display of human existence that make it addictive?
Is it the portrayal of a cross-section of our own lives which make it interesting?
Is it the many hues of our own reflections that you show us which make all the difference?
What is it about you...?
What is it about you that I know not?
What is it about you that I comprehend not?

Oh Big Boss! Oh Big Boss
tell me, please tell me
What is it about you???
That make you so popular and in demand

Dear Bigg Boss: I don't really dislike you. But I "DISLIKE" the way you've changed my life! 

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  1. Now this makes me think.....our big bosses can be so many people!

  2. And things. Perhaps, by virtue of the things that make us tick, our motivations, we are the "bosses" of our own lives!

  3. He he he, this post clearly brings out the amount of influence Big Boss has on your life :D

  4. I am not too fond of the show! I had to watch a couple of them when I was in India last week with my cousins. It is craziness indeed!

  5. Lol...I am yet to understand why it is so popular...

  6. We need to be the boss of our own lives to maintain a balance and control.