Friday, October 25, 2013

Questions for which I don't really have answers.. Can you answer?

I've come to accept the fact that I will probably and possibly not have complete and satisfactory answers to very questions in my life.  True for you too?. So what are those QUESTIONS which keep me awake on many a dark night or keep me busy on Dr. Google through the day?

My list is below. For ease of reading / writing, I have grouped them into logical categories.


* The science, art and mystery of human creation. Just how does everything work so perfectly for a new life to be born (Just thinking about it can be mind-boggling!)?

* How the human body works in perfect harmony every single day for life to exist and persist?

* For the vast majority, is talent in-born or developed / enhanced by perseverance and practice?

* What are the key ingredients for success (as per the worldly definition)? Why are some people so successful and why are some people not?

* Why is it that most of us have so much inertia to convert thought to action?

* Why do we do what we do? - Most of the times?

* Why do most of us judge most of the times; even if we are not qualified / competent to judge?

* Do logic / emotions really make the world go round?

* What really drives decision making for most of us? How do we truly make decisions?

* Why do we live every single day running away from happiness, when what we all really want is to be happy?

* Why do we discriminate?

* Why are some of us happy despite everything; and why many of us are unhappy in spite of everything?

* What is death? Can anyone really understand it in life? What really happens when you die?

* Is there an end to the world?

* Is there really something called destiny? Or is it all free-will?


* Why do schools / educational institutes teach you so much / so many things that you will NEVER really remember, NEVER really use or NEVER really understand?

* When everything in the world changes so frequently, why does the education system / policies / teaching styles / pedagogy and syllabus not change as quickly? What is it about the education industry that makes it almost always lag?

* Why do the most brilliant academic performers end up leading very average , normal and inconsequential lives in which they don't really do anything significant / note-worthy in line with their intelligence and knowledge?

* Why do the most average school performers flower and blossom into global stars in which they make an indelible mark in the world?


* Is there something called "True Love"? Does it really last forever?

* Are all relationships based on mutual / reciprocal necessities / needs and convenience? or No?

* Is there ever a balance in relationships? Or are they always imbalanced?

* What really influences our choices of partners / lovers? Why the most brilliant boy / girl usually falls in love with the most *unexpected* girl / boy?

* Who really is one's soul mate? And what is a soul-mate? Do they really exist?

* Can a basic human emotion die in an individual? 

* Can friendships really change your life?

* Can that one moment really transform you?


* How  women (who is largely consider the 'weaker sex') find the physical / mental and emotional strength to endure child-birth?

* How mothers can be *UNCONDITIONALLY SELFLESS* and *UNIMAGINABLY SELFISH* for their children? It makes you wonder if it is the same person at all?

* Why do children take on the father's surname, and not the mothers name; when really how most children turn out is HUGELY DEPENDENT on their MOTHER?

* What goes on in the mind and heart of a new born baby? What does he / she think? What does he / she feel?

* "For Better or For Worse" - How do parents get the strength to endure every thing that a child puts you through?

If you have / know the answers to any of these, leave a comment / link. Thank You!

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  1. Lovely post, and as the saying goes it is easier to ask the questions than know the answers :D

    But seriously, apart from the Education/Schooling section, even I grapple with all the other questions listed down there. Some of the questions in the Parenting section are society related and are probably applicable only to Indian parents as well.

    This post should serve as a reminder to all those mindless trolls browsing the internet to actually ponder over these questions and exercise their brains :D

    Good food for thought, especially over the weekend

    1. Jairam - But it takes some *talent* to even ask the right questions. at least I like to think so :). And the saying goes asking the right question is half the answer found :).. Mindless browsing is a favorite pass time for so many people.. And its so so easy to lose track of time.. And I guess it shall take me much more than a week-end to answer them... Tx for stopping by, and if you do figure the answers.. stop by again! Nischala

  2. Each of these deep questions would make great blog posts!

    1. Susan - Would keep me busy all through 2014, right?

  3. loved reading the post...following u now!

  4. That's a lot of questions ...some of which I've wondered myself!
    The good thing is that nowadays you can give a child any name you desire even if it has nothing to do with the mom or father's surname - so times have changed. I've also seen the adaptation of many blended names where the husband will hyphen his name as well.
    Lots to think of in this post.Thanks for sharing!

    Keep it Touched,

  5. I loved the questions on parenting and will try to answer them.

  6. I dont know answers to either, but I have a list of questions too and it wont be much different.
    I guess all of us have questions that we probably will never get answers to...

    1. Absolutely Sugandha. And the key is to make peace with the fact that you won't find answers! Nischala

  7. Nischala, I've asked the questions, I've answered some. Now, I don't worry about these things. I focus on appreciating the little things and living each day with joy. I know that sounds strange, but I find it more fun to explore new things than let questions worry me. :D That said, one of the things that always freaks me out is - my ability to spout gibberish with infants. I swore I was not the type. Yet when my son came along, I found I could go at it for hours, as if a switch were turned on.

    There's really no explanation to some. I found I didn't need them. It was enough to experience the happiness . As for suffixing the mother's name vs. father's name, I know many people who keep their mother's name. :) so it is really not unusual.

    Ultimately, most practices are man-made, are to give them the benefit of the doubt, were done in good faith based on what they thought was right at the time. Times change. And so will the way things are done, which justifies your questions. :-)

    :D Keep exploring. Hugs!

    1. Vidya - Tx for stopping by. We all have questions which may never really be answered. Posting on this blog is probably my way of letting-go of the questions :) .. Suffixing mothers name is still among the vast minority from what I know.. Yes, things are changing everyday - but it will take decades for some of these change to be the "normal way of life".. And all practices are man-made & for some very valid reasons.. Somewhere those reasons got lost, and what stayed is what we see it as today! My only quest sometimes is to know these WHY's so I am better prepared to answer the next generation.. Somehow I think the cycle of always saying "Thats the way its always been".. should be broken with some answer which seems acceptable to me itself :).. I'm with you that for some explanations may never be found, and I used to sweat about it. But now, I'm OK with saying "I don't know, and probably never will".. Tx again for stopping by.

  8. U know Nischala in the caste am from, we take on my mothers surname... honestly the history behind it aint that great but am I proud of it or what ;)

    1. Wow Mina.. Didn't know that.. Taking mom's surname should be a matter of pride (whatever be the reason).. And what happens when you get married?

  9. You and I wonder about a lot of the same things! Some of them left a smile on my face while others a knowing smirk. LOL That one about women being the weaker sex?? Yeah well, a man probably said that one and he never survived childbirth or will he? It is the woman that is the rock that usually holds the family together because they are the strong one. This was a very interesting and fun to read post.

    1. I know Kathy.. These questions are probably universal to anyone who wears their "thinking hats". I fully agree that the woman is the rock and she binds, nurtures, protects... heals, .. and does a zillion things together. I agree women have infinite strength, I just wish it is acknowledged and appreciated more.. By women and men. Tx again for stopping by. Nischala

  10. I wonder a few of the things you have mentioned too!!
    I do believe in true Love and I don't think we are the weaker sex, because like how Kathy has mentioned, we are the strong ones, keeping the family together most of the times.

    1. Thanks girl! Good that you believe in love.. And that you accept the strength you have. It is indeed powerful to be aware of your own power.. Tx for stopping by

  11. I read through your blog and then I read through the comments. Most of us feel the same way. But how many times do we wonder if these questions hold any good in the large sphere of our life. I read a book called Siddhartha by Herman Herse. It did help me answer a lot of these questions. I would suggest you read it too, maybe some of them will get satiated...


    1. Richa - The answers to these questions are what really make life.. My 2 cents!