Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why does she endure?

Why does she endure..?
The discrimination
The indifference
The humiliation
The harassment
The torture
The abuse
The pain
The bias
The guilt
The blame
The shame
The stigma
The dogmas
The taunts
The criticism
The judgment
The constraints
The lack of choices
The unfairness of it all

Why does she endure it all?
From her parents
From her family
From her friends
From her teachers
From her colleagues
From her managers
From her organization
From her neighbors
From those around.
From the world
From the society

Why does she endure?
Is it because its her choice?
Is it because she has no choice?

Is it because she knows no other way?
Is it because there is no other way?

Is it because she is strong?
Is it because she is weak?

Is it because she loves him?
Is it because she loves them?
Is it because she loves herself?

Is it because she fears the unknown?
Is it because she is too comfortable with the known?

Is it because of the dependence?
Is it because of the inter-dependence?
Is it because she knows not independence?

Is it because of her expectations?
Is it because of their expectations?

Why does she endure?
When she did not ask 
To be born a GIRL..

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  1. Nischala - very thoughtful! I can feel her pain. I hope your protagonist finds her way to begin a love affair with herself.

    1. Jeanne - That's a wonderful comment. Starting a love affair with yourself also sometimes is so so *TOUGH* .. but in the long run it heals, gives strength and meaning to move ahead. Tx for stopping by. Nischala

  2. Hi Nischala, your poem is powerful and makes me feel angry at the injustice in some parts of the world. Well done. I don't participate in the PoMo type things but do write Sunday poetry, (most Sundays when I'm at home), with the Sunday Whirl. (you can find their FB page if you like) Nice, positive group of poets. Visiting you from UBC and hoping you're having a nice weekend. :)

    1. Dear Veronica - Thanks for your kind words. If it brought out a strong emotion, then that makes the writer in me happy ! But the situation itself of many women makes me feel so many things - from anger to grief! I checked for this group, but couldn't find it. Is it a closed group.I've just started poetry, so any feedback and encouragement makes me happy! Have a wonderful weekend too, and good luck with your poetry! Nischala

  3. Lovely poem, important message conveyed in a beautiful form

  4. Wow, this made me reflect a lot. It is a very powerful piece of work :)

    1. Thank you Sophie. If a piece of writing can make anyone think and feel a strong emotion, then that is indeed powerful. Nischala

  5. Nice post Nischala...the question still remains...

    1. Hmm.. And shall remain till eternity.... right?

  6. I think she endures out of a sense of duty. Really enjoyed this one!

    1. I don't know for sure Kathy.. But it will always remain a BIG ? for me.. Thanks for stopping by. Nischala

  7. She endures because she was never told that she could fly away. She has wings. Until she realizes that and discovers them, she will endure.

    1. Who tell her that she has wings? Who teaches her to fly? Its like a collusion of everything that prevents her flight! Tx for stopping by

  8. All the posts that I have read so far on your blog, I have always felt you say a lot through less words. +1 to you for that. Loved the post.

    1. Thanks Shilpa and i think "saying a lot through less words" is good.. Thank you

  9. A very good question indeed. :(

  10. Not much choice is given to a girl child/lady. But Nischala we should make the most of what we get and what we do not get , we should make an effort to get it.

    1. I agree Kalpana.. But sometimes the effort itself means nothing if there is no support from the environment or ecosystem.. right? But we should try our best and also do our bit where it can make a difference!

  11. I would say that the content was good no doubt but I loved the style of writing. It looked great and flowed beautifully :)