Saturday, November 30, 2013


Birthdays come
Birthdays go
What stay are the memories

Why do we look forward to birthdays?
Is it the fun..
Is it the cake...
Is it the gifts...
Is it the new clothes..
Is it the celebrations..
Is it all the yummy food
Is it the break from monotony...
Is it the extra attention you get...
Is it the time spent with loved ones..

What makes a birthday special?
Is it the love you receive
Is it the wishes you receive
Is it the blessings you receive
Is it the prayers you receive

Birthday Celebrations  - What? Why?
Is it the celebration of unison
Is it the celebration of creation

Is it the celebration of life
Is it the celebration of the journey

On Birthdays.. I can't help but ASK... 
Is it your presence that makes a difference?
Is it their presence that makes a difference?

You come and you go
And then we wait for you to come again..
And so the journey continues

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  1. I love birthdays. It is the one day of the year that is distinctly all yours to celebrate you. ♥

    1. Oh yes Kathy.. Lucky are those who can truly celebrate themselves on this special day.. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Like Kathy said, for me birthdays are special because that's the day you celebrate you. We begin our day by thanking God for our existence and I look forward to the particular day when I get to receive love and blessings for just being me.

    1. oh yes! It is a day of celebrating YOU.. Just takes a different meaning when you have kids.. :)