Saturday, November 23, 2013

Of tales told and (un)told!

Tucked away in that hidden place
They silently rest
Days pass
And so do the months
The years follow
And along with time
Your companion is the dust

An occasional shadow passes by
A whiff of fresh air
A cool breeze and warm wind
The scent of new rains
The seasons fly by
And they all only add
To its beauty and age

In your hay day
Your words viewed by very many eyes
You crossed many a hand
The generations held you tight
During the day and the night
Sometimes the grandpa
Sometimes the mummy
And sometimes the naughty baby
You stood mute witness to their many tales

And along with the tale inside
You starting writing another tale outside
One which is better untold

And this is the tale
of the smell of old books 

Starts with the base of the printed word
With the flavor of the reader(s)
And the zing of the place it resides
And the zang of the seasons
Top it with the zest of all those emotions
And cream it up with all that nature brings fold
Through the times....
And the tales its been a witness to

All add to that special scent
which any TRUE book lover would die for!

If only they all stopped to smell 
and hear the tales told and (un)told!

Written for Write Tribe's Prompt "the smell of old books"


  1. Brilliant poem, loved it a lot. I am glad I came here and read this amazing post.

    1. Tx for stopping by n your lovely comment

  2. Spoken like a try book lover. Good one for the prompt Nischala. :)

  3. beautiful poem... loved your take on the prompt

  4. wow! thats beautiful but until you said it i thought its about an old framed photograph but an old book makes more sense i guess

    1. :).. Did not think about these words for a photograph, but now that you say it - A lot of these words could apply!

  5. Beautiful poem and couldn't have been expressed better than that, Nischala:)

    1. Thanks Vishal for stopping by and your kind words. means a lot

  6. zing.. and zang and zest.. awesome aliteration. Gives an effective twang to the poem.

    1. Many Thanks for saying that. I like twangy poems ;)

  7. I think you just introduced old books in one of the most stylish ways. But that's you. I admire the poem, it took me a couple of reads to comprehend, but once I was done, I realized it was wonderfully written.

    1. Awww! Thanks Sugandha for your kind words. You made my day