Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That one BIG GIANT "teardrop"

That one GIANT "teardrop"
Is enough
To make your head spin
To cut through your heart
To make you lose perspective
To take logic out of the equation
To make you drop everything else
To take you through a whirlwind of emotions
To put a pause and stop to all that you're doing
To change the course of your day
To transform your thoughts
To give you strength
To forget everything
To give you inspiration

Simply because
That one BIG GIANT "teardrop"
Is your little baby's teardrop

What a teardrop can do
To a parent is hard to describe
But if you're a parent
You'll know what I mean! 


  1. Wow, this was such a beautiful post, taking just that one teardrop of your child as the base on which it was built.

  2. I don't know how it feels but yes, your poem evoked similar emotions in me.

    1. Coming from you Saru, that's w huge compliment. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Seriously, even when I don't have a child.... I can't stand a little one's tears. Perfectly written.

    1. Thanks Sheethal for stopping by , and your comment

  4. Aww...I am moved. But I'll tell you what, a lot of these are crocodiles too...I have a niece, who is just 11 months and she already knows that her tears can make her daddy make the world move, therefore that's her weapon...

    1. I know those crocodile ones too.. But even though I know it still moves me.. May be that's me :)