Saturday, November 23, 2013

To immortality or not?

You are born when I am born
A journey of a lifetime
Together and yet apart

Along the way
You lure me once in a way
A touch, a kiss, a grudge, a nudge
A lesson, a pardon, a mistake
A failure, a loss, a low, a bow
A vulnerable moment
But it passes..
Leaves me somewhat ruffled
But yet unscathed..

Sometimes I acknowledge you
Sometimes I ignore you
Sometimes I pine for you
And you see it all with a smile
Deep down I know
That when the time is right
You will come

And we continue the journey
You on your path
And me on my path
Each doing our own thing
Till our paths cross

And then one fine day
In the wee hours of the morning
When everyone is asleep
You slyly enter my space
You lure me into a new world
To the freshness of it all

And this time, I get lured
Because I am tired of it all
The hurt,
The burden,
The constraints,
The bondage,
The dependence,
The inter-dependence,
The expectations,
The questions,
The answers,
The complications,
The compliance,
The unfairness of it all

And sensing my state
You stealthily and steadily
Engulf me in your embrace
I give in..
I welcome you
I accept you
And in that one minute

You take me away from my mortality
To immortality or not?


  1. Read it twice and enjoyed it the second time... loved the way you have expressed to immortality or not!

  2. Nischala the way the poetry took us on a ride I loved it. And the end was nearly perfect. I would say nearly because I am hoping against hope that we never have to embrace death, that we always want to live our lives continuously...

    A wishful thought..


    1. Thanks Richa for stopping by and your kind words.. We all do want to be immortal, but I wonder if we do enough in the mortal state to achieve immortality.. May your wish come true., That's my wish for tonight :).. Love and Hugs Nischala

  3. Am not much into poetry but this sure makes sense.

    We all wanna stay alive in some form forever, that's probably what keeps us going.

    Thanks :)

    1. Yes! I agree.. Thanks for leaving a comment

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Sheetal! Indeed it is a journey through life

  5. I enjoy your poems.. they make sense! :D
    I'm dense when it comes to poetry, but this one made complete sense!

    1. Thanks for those words... I like to keep it simple.. so I can understood 40 / 50 years from now :).. Can't speak of the density levels then :)

  6. A journey where mortality ends. I liked the way you put it. Especially when you began it with you are born when I am born. So true.

    1. birth and death do go together. Thanks for reading