Sunday, November 17, 2013

What I love about a new born baby?

The first sight of a new born baby is usually a memorable experience for majority of us; especially if the new born baby is you’re very own. And the first time you hold your own new born baby in your hands is usually overwhelming for most parents – Simply because in that one moment you realize that while you know and completely understand the physics, chemistry and biology of creating a baby, the “divine element” of human creation will always be beyond human comprehension.
I don’t really know how long a baby qualifies to be called a “new born baby”. Is it for a few hours, days or about a month. Well, whatever – It hardly matters! Your baby will always be your baby – till eternity!
Going down memory lane, I can’t recall when I really held a new born baby in my arms until I had my very own. And looking back, the first time I held her in my arms close to my heart - my emotions were a combination of unconditional love, joy, happiness, wonder, amazement, gratitude and fear (since she was so small, delicate, vulnerable and completely dependent, and I really did not want to do anything wrong)
With time, I obviously got comfortable with holding her and taking care of her needs.  And in the process, I fell in love ... In love with everything about her..
So what all did I really love in my new born baby girl?

(1) The petite frame

(2) The baby smell

(3) The soft soft baby skin

(4) The sweet smiles when she sleeps

(5) The baby poses  (In Hindi, I call it “Adaayein”)

(6) The baby stretch (In Hindi, I call is “Angadaayi”)

(7) The baby burp

(8) The baby routine

(9) The baby yawn

(10)The baby’s grasp / clasp of my finger

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This post is dedicated to my daughter – Baby T
That concludes my list.. What’s on your list of “What you loved in your baby?”… Leave a comment to let me know


  1. As a father, a couple of things that I really enjoyed when little R was a new born was her clasp of my finger which was quite tight for a new born and her angelic look when her eyes met mine for the first time. These are the things that will stay with me forever.

    This was such a poetic heartwarming post.