Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Parenting Lessons of 2013

It is December 2013! Another year gone by! Most people tend to be pensive and reflective about the year that zoomed by! See, here’s the thing | Once you become a “parent”, life is just not the same ever again. WHY? Because you start to “major” in this subject called parenting – There are multiple assessments, projects, tests, reviews, exams, … et al – All with the aim to get you to learn, internalize and possibly become  a better parent with the lessons amassed along the way!

So here I am looking back at the year and asking myself “What parenting lessons did I really learn in 2013?”

But before I start, I can’t help but wonder when does the journey of a “parent” really start? Is it when you are a child, and you see your parent / other parents behave in specific ways – And start making mental notes that “This is something you will definitely DO / NOT DO with your own kids” OR “Does it start when you discover that you’ll be parents” OR “Does it start when your baby is actually born?”.. I don’t have the right answer – But I think all the three stated above definitely play a role in your own parenting journey..

So without any further ado, let me list down my Parenting Lessons of 2013..

  1. Every child is “UNIQUE”, “SPECIAL” and “GIFTED” in his / her own way. Acknowledge it, Accept it and Believe in it. Your parenting journey will transform the moment you do this. And trust me, easier said than done!
  1. Parenting is a lifelong journey. And you learn with every single experience, and every single day. You learn and understand things about yourself, your parents, your spouse (the other parent), family, friends, education, teachers, children, emotions, relationships, experiences, creativity, communication, the world and about life.Sometime you have to un-learn, and sometimes you have to re-learn. Sometimes you have to hold-on and sometimes you have to let-go.Sometimes you have to speak up, sometimes you have to shut up and sometimes you have to observe in silence. It’s all part of the journey. And most importantly, there is               no right / wrong way in parenting. It’s just what works for you and your child in any given situation.
  1. As a parent – you will make mistakes, you will falter, you may have set-backs. But you’ve got to get-up, take the lessons and move on! And of course, try not to repeat the mistakes!
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