Saturday, December 28, 2013

To The Women Who Made My World Go Round In 2013

It is December 2013. The end of another year. This month is usually the time for me to get pensive, reflective and introspective about the year gone by. And as I pondered about 2013, I could not help but acknowledge, appreciate and express gratitude to all the women who made my world go round in 2013!
Now, I was looking for an apt quote to go along with this post. What stood out were these: (Sigh!) “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”, “Behind every successful man there is a woman and behind her is his wife“…I didn’t find one which was apt for this post, So I made my own quote: “Behind every working mother, there may be a man.. But there sure are very many WOMEN.

This post is a tribute to the women who made my world go round in 2013.

MY Mother : She is the reason my world exists, and I exist in this world. The thing about mothers is that they can work their magic on you – irrespective of your age and ailment (Be it of the body, mind, heart or soul)!Words can in way describe the emotions and gratitude one feels for their mother. More so, if you are a mother. Suffice to say, a BIG THANK YOU to my MOM, and all the MOTHERS out there. You are the reason the world exists, and you are the reason that the world goes round!

My mother-in-law: She is the reason I married (directly), I became a mother (indirectly) and I can continue to work! A lot of mothers-in-law are the rock solid pillar and foundation in the life of many a working mother. They do everything in their capacity to make it easy for the family. Constantly pushing themselves (the bar and the envelope), today’s mother-in-law is setting and raising the benchmark every single day. THANK YOU to all those wonderfully supportive mothers-in-law who make it possible for your daughter-in-law to pursue a career, live her life and fulfill her dreams.

My sister: The bonds of sisterhood are precious. Be it your own sister, cousin sister, an acquired sister or soul sister – there is something about these bonds which make them truly unique and special. To all those sisters out there, who always lend a ear, shoulder, home, tear, hug, advice, light, hope, dream, wish, time and share – THANK YOU for always being there, even when no one else was!

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Thank you to all the wonderful and awesome women out there, YOU ROCK THE WORLD!

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