Monday, December 30, 2013

What 2013 taught me?

* Everything happens in life for a reason; You can only connect the dots looking backwards .. Never really forward

* That change is inevitable, and with age our openness to accept and deal with change reduces significantly. One has to try harder to accept and deal with change as the years pass. I guess part of the reason is that one becomes somewhat set in her / his ways

* Nothing equates to learning from life experiences.. And I mean NOTHING

* That the only person you can really control and try to change is YOURSELF

* Life is really a collection of HABITS - Daily Habits, Weekly Habits, Monthly Habits, Yearly Habits. And the good news is that you can build new habits anytime in life

* Money is important.. really really important.. in life and in the larger scheme of things

* Its a selfish world! And may be the easiest way to survive is to be selfish yourself. But is it the right way?

* In the long run, one sided relationships are not worth your time and effort

* Relationships are never usually balanced... There will always be an imbalance on one or many dimensions

* Letting-go is the hardest; But most liberating thing in life

* You eventually become what you think and feel ... most often

* If you really want to do something, DO IT NOW! Don't wait for tomorrow.. It may never come

* If you really want to say something, SAY IT NOW! Don't wait for tomorrow.. It may never come

* If you want something, ASK FOR IT!

* Time is your most precious asset! Treasure it!

* What goes around comes around!

* There is immense power in GRATITUDE. Be grateful for all that you have!

* Good Sleep, Healthy Food, Exercise, A few Laughs, Happy People around and Doing something you love regularly make all the DIFFERENCE on a DAILY BASIS!

Those are my lessons of 2013.. What are yours?

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