Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 | What I'll be blogging about?

It's the start of another new year (2014). The new year is usually a new beginning for most of us, and so I was thinking on doing something new on my blog as well. It definitely was time for some changes at this blog. So I did change the look and feel. Do you like it? Or No? Leave a comment to let me know
I've come a long way in my journey as a blogger, and I'm close to 4 years old in the blog-o-sphere! Honestly, I did not think I'd last this long.. But I did. And over time, I've realized that I do love blogging, and it has become an integral part of my life.. And my journey as a blogger would be incomplete without you as my reader. So THANK YOU for reading ME :). It really means a lot

Moving on, so what will I be writing about on this blog in 2014?
This is what I'm thinking to do...
Week 1 of every month
Monthly Motivation / Inspiration in which I will write a post on something which inspired / motivated me with the hope that it motivates / inspires you

Week 2 of every month
A poem since I've discovered my love for poetry last year, and enjoy dabbling in poetry

Week 3 of every month
Picture Tuesday - A picture which says it all!

Week 4 of every month
Parenting related post

So when will I publish a post? 
I will publish at least 1 post a week. Every Tuesday at 3 PM IST

Ok.. Anything more?
I will also be posting blogs around specific "Writing Prompts" / "Online Writing Contests"..

And yes! In addition, I will be a guest contributor / regular columnist in several blogs this year (For e.g.: Parentous, Women's Web, etc). So I will also re-publishing these posts on my blog!

Anything else you should know?
I will continue the Nischala's Blog-o-Q Series. I personally tend to learn a lot when I publish this, and a lot of readers also tell me that they learn a lot from these posts!

I will also continue the Social Good Series in which I will post about Social Good initiatives. The main objective is to create awareness, and give anyone a channel to do good - In case, you're looking for ideas!

And of course, I will add to the Indian Festival Series in which I attempted to cover the basics / overview of Indian festivals. I think I have already posted about more than 70% of the festivals, but there are a few more to be added here!

As I sign off, Happy New Year 2014! And Hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing!

Have a wonderful year ahead...

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  1. Well, based on these blogging resolutions it looks like you will keep all your regular readers busy and force them to make a 'reading resolution' for the year. All the very best for all these blogging ideas, looking forward to all of them.