Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"A victim of discrimination.." says Ms.White

"I'm a victim" she says
 "I'm THE VICTIM" says Ms.White
"A victim of discrimination"
"Is this my fate?" she ponders

She didn't really ask for this
She surely did not plan for this
And she never imagined that
Life would turn out this way

Sometimes, you touch me
Sometimes, you brush me
Sometimes, you ignore me
Sometimes, you hurt me
Sometimes, you harass me
Sometimes, you curse me
Sometimes, you hate me
Sometimes, you camouflage me
"I am scared, so I hide"
"I am lonely, so I cry"
"I am alone, and I wonder why"
What did I do to deserve this treatment?

All around me I see the others
A Mr. Black, A Ms Brown and A Mrs. Black
And their progeny too
Baby Blacks and Baby Browns
All merry and gay
Making hay while the sun shines
And laughing away while the moon gleams

But I stand out like the only 
"White Beauty".. or "White Ugly"

Who ever said that discrimination
Is only for the Blacks
Come and listen to the voice of my heart
It pains to be victimized
It pains to be singled out
It pains to be discriminated against
Every single day

Who am I?
I am that lone WHITE HAIR 
Amidst all the Black and Brown Hair
Dancing on your head

This post is dedicated to the white hair spotted on my head and I choose to ignore you for now![Yes, I am officially aging :(]


  1. For a minute there I thought wow those are some strong words on discrimination. Then understood the double meaning of the poem! Good one :)

    1. Thanks Arunima.. That white hair does bring out strong words and emotions in me ;)