Saturday, January 18, 2014

In some ways, we end up like our parents

* Ever wondered where you got your looks from?
* Ever thought of what influenced your sense of style?
* Ever figured where all the confidence came from?
* Ever pondered on where the talent came from?
* Ever thought of how all the weight came / did not come?
* Ever wondered where all the courage came from?
* Ever thought of how you formed your daily habits?
* Ever thought about how you acquired your taste for food?
* Ever pondered on how you learnt and explained the basics?
* Ever thought of how you defined your core value system?
* Ever thought who your role models became?
* Ever wondered how you teach the difference between right and wrong?
* Ever thought about how you conduct yourself in your day-to-day private life?
* Ever reflected on how you carry yourself in public?
* Ever wondered how you figured the priorities of your life?
* Ever wondered how you made a tough decision?
* Ever wondered how you judge anything?
* Ever thought where the flexibility and agility came from?
* Ever wondered how your thoughts get refined and filtered?
* Ever wondered about how you communicate – the words you use, the pitch you take, the silences you make, the silences you break..?
* Even thought about your views on learning and education?
* Ever wondered about how you made and kept friends?
* Ever thought about the state of your “social life”?
* Ever pondered about your everyday habits?
* Ever reflected on where the world views came from?
* Ever wondered about the origin of your sympathies and empathies?
* Ever pondered over where and how all those emotions came from – the tears, the smiles, the laughs?
* Ever wondered where you got (or not) all the common sense?
* Ever thought how you formed your likes and dislikes– ranging from music, to books, to colors, to movies, to literature, to fine art?
* Ever wondered where the openness came from?
* Ever pondered on your outlook towards money, personal finance and investing?
* Ever thought where the religious views came from?
* Ever reflected on your adaptability and its evolution?
* Ever thought about where your dreams stemmed from?
* Ever pondered about the origins of your fears?
* Ever wondered how you face the trials and tribulations of life?
* Ever thought about the source of your anxieties?
* Even wondered what makes you cry?
* Ever thought about the depths of your belief system
* Ever reflected on your views on love and relationships?
* Ever thought about the choices you made in life?
* Ever wondered about how you make decisions?
* Ever thought about where your strengths stemmed from?
* Ever thought about the cause of you weaknesses?
* Ever pondered about your attitude to life?
* Ever dwelled into the epicenter of your creativity?
* Ever questioned what (and why) you question?
* Ever answered why (why and how) you answer?
* Ever figured out the roadmap to your destiny?
* Ever thought about what defines you?
* Ever wondered how you turned out this way?

If you take a moment to connect the dots, some of these can be (in)directly linked and attributed to your parents
And here’s the thing |
Whether you like it or not
Whether you accept it or not
About something’s you will eventually end up like your parents….
The cycle and circle of life continues…

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