Thursday, January 16, 2014

One Book.. 36 Awesome Posts from 36 Outstanding Bloggers

Going down memory lane, I think it was in Oct 2013 when I was idling away on FaceBook (Yeah! One of those lucky days). I guess the lucky streak lasted a little longer than it usually does :) Wondering why? Well, I got a ping from Corinne Rodrigues asking me if I'd be keen on being part of the Write Tribe . Honestly, I did not know too much about Write Tribe or Corinne, but I said "Sure".

Once I joined the Tribe, my blogging journey has just never been the same again. For those who don't know, the Write Tribe is a group of *OUTSTANDING* bloggers who *motivate, push and inspire* you to be the "BESTEST BLOGGER" you could possibly be - All this by providing you with things to read about in their awesome blog posts, ideas on what to write about by the write prompts and most importantly, by spreading love, sunshine, cheer and smiles with a comment or two on your blog posts. If you are a blogger, you'd know what a comment means. Trust me when I say this, COMMENTS are the life blood for any blogger.  Or in simple words "On a good day, one blog comment has the potential to make it the great day. On a bad day, one blog comment can make it a good day".

The Write Tribers are a group of high motivated self-driven bloggers who rock the blogging world. And I am always amazed at how they blog, how much they blog and how they comment so so much.. They leave their foot-prints almost everywhere I go :). And it makes me happy to see the familiar names and faces everywhere I go.. You see, there is something warm and fuzzy about familiarity.. (If you've crossed the 7-year itch in a marriage, you'd possibly know!)

Here's the thing | When you love blogging and are passionate about it, you will make the time for your blogs and your friends blogs! Personally, the BEST thing about being part of the Write Tribe was that it exposed me to so many amazing bloggers, and laid the foundation of some great friendships in the Indian blog-o-sphere...

And then one fine sunny day, one of my favorite bloggers and a key member of the Write Tribe, Vidya Sury proposed an idea to compile a book with the Write Tribe members’ posts! Only "ONE" favorite post by each blogger from their blogs.

What followed was a flurry of activity, a lot of toil and mid-night oil. And then... Lo and behold! Almost like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, Vidya Sury (along with the support of Vaisakh Venugopal ) shared the final work of "blog-book-ART" to the world (PS: Be sure to read Vidya Sury's version of the journey of this book here).

So without any further delay, presenting the "The Write Tribe Anthology Book 1" compiled by the lovely VIDYA SURY. And for the first time, my blog post "What is your personal Legacy?" [Page 37] was a part of this e-Book. [I think I can call myself a published writer now :)]

You may click on the image below to download your free copy. Happy reading!

Do stop by the blogs of these amazing writers / bloggers!

PS: Corinne and Vidya - A Big BIG THANK YOU for including my post.. .And Errr! Sorry for the delay in posting it here.. Being the kind and large-hearted souls that you both are, I'm sure you'll accept my apology :)

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