Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What are you born to do?

The new year is a time for new beginnings, wonderful thoughts and positive action.. Also a time for asking yourself difficult questions, and responding with honest answers.

If there's one question which has crossed your mind at some point in life, it is this - "What are you born to do?"

The elusive question
Some of us never find answers even for a lifetime
Some of us manage to find partial answers
And some of us are lucky to find the "TRUE" answers

Let me give a few examples
From the well-known
Pablo Picasso was born to be one of greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century
Amitabh Bachchan was born to be famous, to act
Daniel Craig was born to be James Bond
Shah Rukh Khan was born to entertain
Sachin Tendulkar was born to play cricket
Sridevi was born to act
Lady Gaga was born to sing and write
Mother Teresa was born to serve
Usain Bolt was born to run, create records and create history
Micheal Phelps was born to swin
J K Rowling was born to imagine, write and make you imagine fantasies
Nadia Comaneci was born to be one of the the best-known gymnasts in the world
Rhonda Bryne was born to bring joy to billions

To the not so well-known
Someone told me "I am born to be a Mother"
Someone told me "I am born to be a Chef"
Someone told me "I am born to lead a deeply spiritual life"
Someone told me "I am born to be a normal human being"
Someone told me "I am born to teach"
Someone told me "I am born to make money"
Someone told me "I am born to dream"
Someone told me "I am born to make a positive difference in the world"
Someone told me "I am born to create technology that will change the world - make it simpler, easier, more efficient"

Honestly, I don't really know if all of them knew with absolute certainity what they were born to do.. But they tried. The worked hard. They went ahead with focus, discipline, passion and a purpose.. And they gave themselves ample fodder along the way.. Even cocooned themselves to learn, refine and master their art and craft.. And then emerged as the butterflies ready to fly to the pinnacles of success...

So when I say "You are born to do .... " it means that it is the purpose of your life, something which you are deeply passionate about, and have been bestowed with innate skills, talent, knowledge and grace to achieve the peaks of excellence in whatever you do.

Here's the thing | The answer to this one question can really TRANSFORM your life...
When you figure the answer makes all the difference in the journey of life
And the sooner the better

Do you KNOW?
Leave a comment to let me know

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