Friday, March 21, 2014

April 2014 A2Z Challenge, and more

When I was born, I did not know ABCD meant.

Slowly, my parents and teacher’s taught me
A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat
D for Dog
E for Elephant
F for Fish
G for Goat
H for House
I for Icecream
J for Jug
K for Kite
L for Lion
M for Monkey
N for Nest
O for Orange
P for Parrot
Q for Queen
R for Rat
S for Sun
T for Train
U for Umbrella
V for Van
W for Window
X for X-Mas
Y for Yo-Yo
Z for Zebra

A few years back with the technology boom, I came across a new ABCD which read as below:
A for Apple
B for Bluetooth
C for Chat
D for download
E for Email
F for Facebook
G for Google
H for HP
I for iphone
J for Java
K for Kingston
L for Laptop
M for Messenger
N for Nero
O for Orkut
P for Picassa
Q for Quick heal
R for RAM
S for Server
T for Twitter
U for USB
V for Vista
W for WiFi
X for XP
Y for YouTube
Z for Zorpia

And then in 2010, I became a mother. As I re-visited the ABCD to teach them to my baby, I could not help wonder if there was an ABCD to Life as well.

As I embark on the A2Z 2014 Challenge, I am attempting a series to discover the ABCD of LIFE – Through observations, experiences, reflections and realizations in the journey of life.

I hope you enjoy reading this series, as much as I enjoy discovering this ABCD and writing it on my blog.

Till we start with the A, you sing and dance through the ABCD of your life :)

About the A2Z Blog Challenge
A yearly event that brings more than 2500 bloggers. Through the month of April, starting on April 1, we write 26 posts starting with A for April 1, B for April 2 and so on until we reach Z for April 30. Except on Sundays, to cleverly accommodate the 26 alphabets. For more details, click here


  1. Fun- will be interested to see how you sing and dance through this!

  2. Waiting to read what your ABCD-s of life are :)

    1. Looking forward to reading yours too :) Tx for stopping by

  3. ABCD of life! Sounds interesting!! Looking forward to reading all about it! :D

  4. Great minds think alike Nischala. Glad your doing the AtoZ and look forward to your posts.

  5. the intro of this post. Great theme. ABCDs of life, now how can that not be interesting. :)

    1. thanks Pooja. I hope you enjoy reading..

  6. I'm eager to discover your ABCDs and swap stories too,

  7. Lovely theme Nischala...good luck.

  8. Sounds so cute .. ABCD of life.. almost like a philosopher seeing the world with a child's eye. Intriguing.. will look forward to read your posts.. :) Good Luck...