Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Change ... Change ... Change

Change comes
Change goes
What is permanent is YOU

How you view the change changes everything
How you welcome the change determines how it all ends
How you accept the change influences how hard it is
How you act on the change influences the outcome
How you think about the change will determine how change changes you...

Change is real
Change is vital
Change is natural
Change is temporary... sometimes permanent

Change can make you think
Change can make you feel

Change can make you hard
Change can make you soft

Change can bring sunshine in your world
Change can bring rainbows in your world
Change can bring storms in your world

Change can take your breath away
Change can make your breath stay

Change Change Change
If only you could predict
The When?
The Why?
The How?

If only you could control
The When?
The How?

If only you could influence
The Ending...

Change Change Change
One cannot predict you always
One cannot plan for you always
One cannot accept you always
One cannot understand you always
One cannot welcome you always



  1. "CHANGES COMING" is always exists "changes going" never exist because "changes going" is actually the "CHANGES COMING" i.e obsoleting changes are also a change that new - New Change. Though you have Best ID Card as blogger. Play it well.