Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sunrise

As I child
I used to wonder
Why the sun was drawn
Orange and round
Not once, Not twice
But always always always
Back then, I rarely saw the morning sun
And by the time my eyes open
The sun was shining in all its gloary
So I did not see its original form

And I grew
I used to wonder
How they sun always showed up on time
No matter what happened yesterday
No matter what weather hails today
No matter what is in store for tomorrow
And then I started observing the rising Sun
A beauty for the eyes
A model for good behavior and patterns
And the harbinger of a new beginning
A new day, A new thought, A new emotion 
A fresh start all the way

Now that I am older and a little wiser
I admire and respect
What the Sun does
And the difference the Sun make
Every single day...
Right through the day
Without being told what to do
Without expecting anything in return
It does what it has to do
For the whole universe
These are the ways of the cosmos
And now I realize
That we are all merely players
That we all have our exits and entrances
Each one of us plays many parts  

Play your part well!
Have a Sunny Day ")

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