Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things I wish are better for the women of tomorrow....

As most of you may well be aware, today (8 March 2014) is International Women’s Day

If you're online (FaceBook, Twitter, et al) / reading the paper / watching TV / just talking around / even just snooping around, you could not have missed it. With every passing year, there is more hype and noise around and about Women's Day, and the flurry of activities almost always beats the previous year. I don't really know if it is due to the increasing consumerism, due to the rising power and influence of women in all spheres of life, due to the ubiquitous social media, due to more women speaking up and making their presence felt, or just a matter of timing. Here, There and Everywhere - I see women coming to the fore-front, or at least attempting to (as opposed to sitting in the side-lines the way it was years ago!)

On the one hand, I feel happy and proud to see women making positive strides and reaching the top in every walk of life. And then on the other hand, I read / hear of heart-wrenching stories of what a girl / woman endures from the time she is born. The everyday news is full of articles of the injustice met out to a girl / woman at every step of life. From a new born baby fighting for her life to a grandmother fighting to stay alive, she endures way too much at every walk of life
 She fights for her life
She fights for her basic needs
She fights for her education
She fights for her protection
She fights for her rights
She fights for her freedom
She fights for her independence
She fights for her safety
She fights for her choices
She fights for her thoughts
She fights for her words
She fights for her deeds
She fights for respect
She fights for love

Every step of the way is one big fight
If all along she has to fight
Then when does she truly LIVE?
And is it all WORTH IT?

This year for Women's Day, I asked the women (bloggers mostly) in my network one question "What are the 3 things that you wish are better for the women of tomorrow?
These are women who inspire me, whom I admire, from whom I learn with every interaction (mostly online, and some offline too) and who are making a difference in their sphere of influence.

In this post, I am sharing the collective views:
Aditi Kaushiva - Individualist. Adventurist. Optimist
One, Education - to empower women and make them believe in themselves,
Two, Freedom - to choose, to act, to live,
Three, Health - to be aware of their own bodies and make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Dagny Sol - Writer. Life-Coach. Mom

One, women must learn that power comes from within. They must permit themselves the power, not wait for someone to grant it to them
Two, they must become aware of their ability to intuitively understand the ebb and flow of life would serve them and the world better if they were to recognize, appreciate and use this gift.
Three, women need to understand that they do not need to engage in combat to get the place that belongs to them. Once they understand their own nature and power they would effortlessly and naturally move to the place which is meant for them.

Parotima Bordoli - Came. Saw. Conquered
One, we should have complete control and right over our bodies.
Two, financial independence.
Three, I wish that every woman feels that she is worth having it all without feeling apologetic about it. May every woman live a life without apology.
Purba Ray - Mother, Feminist, Fretter
One, that she is treated with the same respect, regard and fairness as would a man. Gender equity as opposed to gender equality. Not try to be ‘equals’ with men, because that assumes men to be superior. It would be a pity if women strived for sameness, uniformity and interchangeability between genders. Two, that fear does not hinder what she says, what she wears and the lifestyle choices she makes. No mother should have to tell her daughter to get back home by sundown because she’s anxious about her safety. 
Three,  that she is less harsh and more understanding towards her own sex. We push ourselves too hard to be the ideal mother, wife or a multi-tasking diva and are quick to judge women whose priorities lie elsewhere.

Rachna Parmar - Content Writer. Entrepreneur. Mother 
One, women must get education as a stepping stone to financial independence. 
Two, women must be safe both within and outside the home from abuse, rape and violence. 
Three, women must have support of family and society to lead their lives as per their wishes.

Rekha Nair Dhyani - Mother. Dreamer. Learner
One, I wish women have the liberty to make their own choices and take their own decisions.
Two, I wish women feel safe and secure with or without company.
Three, I wish to see more women getting better education, job prospects and becoming financially independent.

Ritu Lalit - Single parent. Author of three fiction books. Blogger
As a woman I would like to state very clearly that I do not believe we need equality of men and women. The gender differences are huge and what a woman wants and deserves is often very different from the male goal. We need equity between the sexes, not equality. Basically, as a woman, what I think I want for all women is that they should have their space, control over their own bodies, minds and finances. [PS: Suggest you also read this thought provoking piece by Ritu "The propaganda against feminism"]

Saru Singhal - Compassionate. Go-Getter. Avid-Blogger
First, Independence, not only financial but to go anywhere, anytime. Most of us are over-protected by the men in our lives. Women should have complete freedom so that we feel independent in true sense.
Second is the support from women around us; be it in home, office or among friends. As they say, 'Behind every successful man, there is a female,' let's make the same reason more apparent for a woman's success as well.
Lastly and very much the need of the hour in our country - Safety. From the tribal women to the women working in metros who juggle to keep pace with life, we must have safety for all.

Shail Mohan - Blogger. Bird-stalker. Book-lover
One, that women have a future where marriage and care of in-laws is NEVER outlined as their goal in life.
Two, that women be treated as humans, and not as cattle that needs to be controlled.
Three, that women have better awareness to make informed choices on their own.

Sharon Hodor Greenthal - Mother. Huffpost Blogger. Managing Partner at Midlife Boulevard
One, the continued freedom to determine what happens to their own bodies, without government interference.
Two, The peace of mind that their children and families are safe from gunmen at school and in public places.
Three, the ability to find quality, affordable early childhood education for their children, along with reliable childcare, so they are able to pursue their careers free of worry.
Ujjwala – Simple. Independent. Karmayogi
One, Women would be stronger in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. And that they have more confidence in themselves. 
Two, real respect for women – from society (at home, workplace and the community). 
Three, more opportunities and more courage to take on those opportunities

Thank you ladies for taking the time to share your views! I really appreciate it

So, what do you wish are better for the women of tomorrow? Leave your comments below...


  1. It was good to read the thoughts of the other ladies Nischala. Thank you for doing this.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views Dagny. Appreciate it

  2. Amazing read Nischala.. ! Loved all the responses!

  3. Interesting to read the different views and also (especially so) the self-descriptions. :)
    Thank you! :)

    1. Shail - Enjoyed the responses and the self-descriptions. They in itself speak so much. Thanks for sharing your views

  4. It was a challenge for me to say so little and yet I've ended up saying too much. Loved reading what the other ladies had to say. Thank you :-)

    1. yes. Precis writing is always a challenge for those who have a gift of the written word, and love to play with words. Thanks for sharing your views Purba. I appreciate it!

  5. Thanks Nischala for the love and for linking my post. I enjoyed reading every one else's views. It is so hard to generalize isn't it. Everyone's take on this subject is slightly different from others. That is what makes this debate interesting and never ending.

    1. Absolutely Ritu, But the one thing that stood out was that we need to collectively and progressively make small but sure steps across multi-dimensions. Of course each one speaks based on their observations and experiences, but it does reflect a cross-section of society. Thanks for writing and reading

  6. I agree with you that we are achieving greater heights in all walks of life. Thanks a ton for compiling a beautiful post to mark this day. :)

    1. Thanks Saru for your contribution. Compiling this made me learn and think a lot :)

  7. Wonderful and powerful descriptions!
    Jai ho to all the women mentioned above.
    lovely post, nischala :)

  8. Right, looks like I'm going to be the only man who's going to comment here :) But loved those thoughts. And may you all be an inspiration to the millions of women who want to take those steps to move ahead but aren't able to, sometimes due to reasons beyond their control. Great collection of thoughts from a great collection of inspiring women

  9. Right, looks like I'm going to be the only man who's going to comment here :) But loved those thoughts. And may you all be an inspiration to the millions of women who want to take those steps to move ahead but aren't able to, sometimes due to reasons beyond their control. Great collection of thoughts from a great collection of inspiring women

    1. Sid - Yes, you're right on that.. but we all know you are always "HATKE" :) Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it

  10. Thank you for including me in this list of fab women! Loved everyone's take on this...thanks for taking the effort to do this interesting compilation Nischala. More power to women!

    1. Aditi - Thanks for sharing your view. Indeed all fab women grace my blog :)

  11. Happy women's day and very inspiring people you mentioned. Great post!

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    1. Thanks dear for reading and sharing