Sunday, April 20, 2014

15 Effective Ways to deal with Anger

Anger is a very strong and powerful human emotion. One that can sometimes be a catalyst for a positive change. However, more often than NOT - It results in undesired consequences. Sometimes, your response in a fit of anger can change your life forever!

So is there any effective and practical way to deal with anger - especially as a part of our day-to-day lives?

Fortunately YES!

In this blog, I am listing 15 effective ways to deal with anger. Hope it helps!

1) Breathe. It's hard to practice, but nevertheless it is highly recommended as it calms the body, mind and your heart!

2) Go away from the source of anger - Could be a person / situation / even. Excuse yourself, and give yourself some time alone. When you feel in control of your thoughts and feeling, get back to what you were doing / are supposed to do.

3) Indulge in some physical activity - Walk, Run, Cook, Dance, etc.

4) Drink a glass of water - I don't know why? but it helps! Cools the body and the mind!

5) Read - Anything you like - Something funny is highly recommended

6) Listen to music - It will instantly calm you (Any genre)

7) Speak to someone who makes you happy - Just hearing their voice makes a difference :)

8) Watch something that distracts you - Movie, Cartoon, Video, etc. Anything that changes your perspectives, and reduces the intensity of emotion

9) Buy something for yourself (online / real-world) - Retail therapy helps!

10) Write  - Anything you feel like to get the "negative thoughts and emotions" - Don't share with anyone! Just observe and listen to yourself through your words!

11) If you're on Social Media, log in to Twitter / FaceBook, and observe / read what others have to say. Don't say anything!

12) Look at old photographs

13) Go to Sleep (may not be feasible always, but if possible - It's worth trying)

14) Eat something you like

15) If you must get it OUT, then lock yourself in a room and scream OR throw something unbreakable on the floor. You may feel better :) [recommended only if all else fails]

How do you deal with anger on a day-to-day basis? Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. My temeprament has mellowed down in almost two years now but occasionally, I still get this sudden outbursts of anger. I really do need to try to practice anger management...

    Thanks for this post :) (I'm from the A-to-Z Challenge, BTW)