Saturday, April 5, 2014

E | 4 E's which can change the world

I wonder many times what E's can change the world.  My world, your world and the world at large
Any guesses?

(1) Education
Primary school education, High school education, College education, Post Graduate education.. Affordable education, Accessible education..
True education.. which opens your eyes, ear, mind, heart to possibilities, questions, new ways to doing things, new ways of expression, new ways of articulation....
yes! Education can change the world.. If only, more people were "TRULY EDUCATED"

(2) Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship at the core is a lot of things - ideas, execution, innovation, wealth creation, experience, employment, risk taking, perseverance, hard-work, passion, determination, commitment, raising the bar, creating value, making a difference.. And all of these can only impact the world in a positive way!
yes! Entrepreneurship can change the world.. If only there was a way to create and breed the "entrepreneurial spirit".. how different the world could / would be

(3) Excellence
A genuine quest and thirst for excellence can truly make a difference. Most of us are guilty of settling for "OK" in every sphere of life. You don't have to strive for excellence in everything you do every single day (though it would be great if one could).. but just if everyone of us focus on "excellence" in any one area.. Just imagine! What an excellent world we'd be living in
yes! a thirst and passion for EXCELLENCE can change the face of the world

(4) Empathy
We're living in a world with a huge "empathy-deficit".. All most of us think, worry and focus on is our own life.. While there's nothing really wrong with that, the world would be a better place is we thought, felt and also worried about those around us, and people at large..
yes! A little EMPATHY for others (known / unknown faces) can go a long way in making the world a better place

Those are the 4 E's on my list.. Did I miss something important.. Let me know

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  1. Nice thoughts Nischala, indeed these Es can change the world, some of an individual, some of all.

  2. Very nicely written. These 4 Es are indeed the way to change the world :)

  3. Truer words were never said

  4. A very comprehensive list! I would like to add Enjoy. Enjoy the present moment, enjoy our kids and work and family.

  5. You have covered it all. Nice post Nischala.

  6. I thought empowerment might be one E too, but I think that can be accomplished by doing these E words well.

  7. I guess you have pretty much covered it all. For me, the most important ones are education (the academic kind and how to lead live kind) and empathy. Both are a bot lacking in this world. Thanks for these 4Es Nischala.

  8. Emotions are needed too, at the right time in right amounts :) good post again

  9. A very good list of Es. I like empathy.the best from your list. And education as we know it needs a big change. I love how you put your posts together with repetition to drive home your point.

  10. Interesting choice of E's and so very aptly described.

  11. E for Encouraging . Definitely life changing if employed these Es.
    Btw...dis I tell you....I absolutely love your name :-)

  12. Great Narration and creativity!!!! You are absolutely correct!!!!