Monday, April 7, 2014

F | The 3 F's which can take you through any kind of DAY

OK. So now we've come to F. And my pondering is "What do you think are the 3F's which can take you through any kind of day?"

Here's what I think

A little FUN
Doing something fun can be one of the best things you can do to make your day bright and sunny. And fun is really personal and subjective; so you can do whatever you find fun. It could be watching a movie, an outing with friends, a prank you play on someone, going dancing, driving your vehicle real fast (& safely), etc etc. Buy doing something fun on a good day or bad day only makes it better

There is something about good food which teases and pleases you in more than one way. A nice hearty meal which includes one / more of your favorite dishes is a good way to make your day better. Whether you are a foodie / not, having good food can only make you day better than it was! For most of us good food is about indulgence, high fat and high sugar content.. And such food can be divine especially on a rough day. Guess its OK to indulge once in a way - If it lifts your mood and spirit, then well..Good for YOU!

Your family is your best anchor for life ; and can be the only people you can really fall back on - especially when the going gets tough. A kiss from your kid, a hug from your spouse, a re-assurance from your mom, inspiration from your dad, cheer and support from friends makes all the differencein the journey of life

So fill your life with a little FUN, some good FOOD and surround yourself with a loving FAMILY to take you through any kind of DAY!

As I sign-off, I leave you with the quote of the day
 Have a wonderful Monday with some FUN, good FOOD and in the company of FAMILY & FRIENDS.
It is one life. Live, Laugh, Love

Till tomorrow, Be Good!

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  1. I agree. The 3 F's are essential for for happiness.

  2. These are some wonderful F's of life. :) And I am having the first a lot this A to Z Challenge! :)

  3. Thanks for the mention Nischala. And I love all three.

  4. Couldn't agree with you more, Nischala. Nicely put. :)

  5. full agreement from me here in oz. enjoying your blog very much thank you.
    from sandra a to z er @ life without television

  6. I love the 3Fs in no particular order. :D

  7. Much needed "Fs" of life. Dropping by from A to Z

  8. I completely agree. These are the three Fs that can make my day...anyday :D

  9. Love all three Fs. These three will make my day..any day :). PS: This is my third attempt at commenting, if the others also come through please feel free to delete any :)

  10. These are a few of my favourite F things too, Nischala. Sweet post indeed.