Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G | 2G's for a GREAT LIFE

How do you define what is a "GREAT LIFE"..

Well.. I think its one in which you make a positive difference in the world, touch the lives of people and leave a legacy which your grandchildren will be proud of!

And are there any G's which can lead you to a GREAT LIFE? I wonder many a time
I guess yes.

G1: Goal
Anyone who lived a GREAT LIFE started off with a GOAL. A PURPOSE.. Something which they believed in, were deeply passionate about, and were willing to do whatever it takes to get there.
Yes! That's the starting point.. and probably the most important one in the journey to a GREAT LIFE..

And the goal can be really anything - To creating a world class enterprise, to ensuring quality education to children (irrespective of their backgrounds and social settings), to doing social work for the less privileged, to just doing the BEST you can in every situation of life...

But there has to be clarity of your goal
And you have to having a burning desire to reach your goal

(Note : Click here to my earlier post on how to reach your goals)

G2: Grit
Grit really means "determination" and "perseverance". And anyone who lived a GREAT life has exhibited these qualities at every single hurdle, trial, low phase in their journey to reach their goals!
We all have goals.. But not all of us end up reaching our goals simply because we lack the "GRIT" to get there.. And those who do reach their goals in spite of all odds have "GRIT" in abundance to get to the goal

GOALS and GRIT are the 2G's for a GREAT LIFE.
Do you have them in you?

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As I sign-off, I leave you with the quote of the today. Have a Happy and Tangy Tuesday :)


  1. Grit is truly important when you face what feels like insurmountable obstacles to reach your goals!

  2. Hmmmm... Agree with you, Nischala. :)

  3. Definitely essentials. I've got the grit; it's the goals that I have issue with. I often have too many to give full attention to any.
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    Perle’s Ink,
    freelance words & art

  4. More than half the battle won if we have a goal. And of course., grit takes care of the rest.

  5. True! These 2 Gs are truly essential for a gr8 life...

    Random Thoughts Naba

  6. Recently an old classmate from school days told me, 'You had grit even back then'. It was news to me, though :D

  7. Oh dear, I need to find that elusive Goal in my life. I think I am still stuck at the bottom of Maslow's pyramid and haven't started seeking a goal yet!

  8. I agree with you on both especially GRIT :)

  9. Great post. I have lots of goals. It's sometimes hard to have enough grit though.
    Happy A-Z!

  10. agree to it completely, but the funny part was when I read the heading I thought you you have written about the famous 2G scams :P

  11. Love the G's, Love the quote! The grit gets the goal! I like ;)