Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H | 3 H’s you should value the MOST

A to G done. It is time for H!. So, I pondered “What are the 3 H’s you should value the MOST?”

After a lot of thinking, reflection and introspection, my response below:
(1) Health
“Health is Wealth” - You don't appreciate or value good health till you go through phases of "bad-health". And then you see people around you, & realize that if one has good health for a majority of your life, it is probably one of your best assets - Not just for you, but even for your immediate family and friends.

If you are endowed with good health, you can really do anything you set your mind own.. But let's just say you don't have good health, there are so many constraints, limitations, challenges, dependencies .. which get imposed on you [and sometimes on your family and friends too :( ] - as a part of your everyday life. Of course, you can find a way to work through these.. But is it not better to have GOOD HEALTH?

The BEST way to ensure you have GOOD HEALTH is to value your health and work consciously on building / enhancing it. All it takes is sensible eating everyday (Of course, you can have occasional cheat days), including some form of exercise into your daily life and being positive in your thoughts! In the long run, I've seen that this makes an ocean of a difference on your way to good health!

(2) Heart
And I mean this in both the real sense of the word and the figurative sense.
Your heart is one of the most important organs of the human body and is the organ which provides continuous blood supply to your entire body. So it makes sense to do whatever you can to keep it fit and healthy.

Figuratively, your heart is the "emotional center" of your life. And many of us tend to make major life decisions based on "what our heart says" - I mean not that it really says. But then, it does speak in its own way! And also to ensure that you find ways to "mend your broken heart" when the situation warrants. You surely want your heart to be fine

The BEST way to ensure you have a GOOD HEART is to give it a dose of physical exercise regularly (Specific cardiac work-outs), and also do regularly what makes your heart feel good and happy :)

(3) Head
By head, I really mean your MIND. There’s ample research to indicate that everyone is really a by-product of what they think. And the epicenter for your thoughts is your mind.

So ensure that you are in control of your thoughts and mind (Meditation helps here). Try and stay positive, no matter what (Positivity breeds positivity - in thought, word and action). And also, give your mind ample "good fodder" to think, create, learn, grown, reflect, ponder, analyze and conclude. In the long run, this fodder will help your mind develop and grow in very powerful ways.

So the BEST way to ensure you have a GOOD HEAD is to be positive, be in control of your thoughts and to give it continuous "food for thought"

As I sign-off, leaving you with the quote of the day

Have a healthy, hearty and a heady day :)

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That's my view. What's yours? Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. Donno about the head but agree about health and heart :P

  2. That Seuss quote is so damn good
    I liked the mention of HEAD as important H. Having a cool head/ mind is equally imp

  3. Very three imp He's all lead to the big H - Happiness!! Great post and esp love the Dr. Seuss quote!

  4. Very nice! Love the way you spell out the 3 ways of life with each letter!

  5. The three " H" s listed by you are so apt ! Thanks for sharing thsi !