Friday, April 11, 2014

J | Those J's which should (& NOT) be a part of your life

Some J's should be a part of your life, and some should not. In this post, I'm sharing my views on this

What should be a part of your life?
(1) Jokes
As you get through the journey of life, you will realize that one of the realistic ways to traverse through this complex complicated amazing and not-so-fun-always journey is with a sense of humor. To laugh at yourself, to laugh at what is beyond your control and to laugh off all the crap that life throws at you. And one good way to do it is to embrace and entrench yourself in the world of jokes. Nothing really like a joke to solve a problem, calm your nerves, change your perspectives and keep you going.

(2) Juices
Did you know that the human body has between 50 - 75% water and fluid content. And hence to maintain the balance and equilibrium of all your metabolic functions, it needs a good amount of fluids. So ensure you have juices to keep yourself going - in the literal sense and otherwise. What I mean is that it is critical to also have your creative juices flowing.

(3) Joy 
Do I need to write anything here? Majority of us want to be happy. So whatever brings you joy, hold it close to your life. Be it music, art, food, people, writing, books, new experiences, sports, technology, social media... whatever it is, find it and forge a "Till death do us apart" bond. It is one of the best gifts you can give yourself

What should not be a part of your life?
(1) Jealousy
A little jealousy is probably good to bring out the competitive spirit in many of us. But deep-rooted jealousy from constant comparisons and insecurity is not a good place or space to be in.

(2) Judgment
A little judgment now and then is good. Both from yourself and others. But everyday judgment (from you and other) on every single thing (that you do and they do) is certainly not worth your time, thoughts and energy. So spare yourself the everyday torture, and be a little less judgmental

As I sign-off, leaving you with the quote for the day
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  1. I agree with you completely on the both the lists. From the first list for me joy is most important and from the second list judgement is the biggest no no :)

  2. Agree with both lists, Nischala :) Maybe one item to add to the NOT list : Junk food :)

  3. We could use some jiving too. :)

  4. Those are some GOOD js to use and not to use. right now all our Creative juices for sure are flowing and jealousy and judgemental are the most dangerous "J"s and even interlinked.

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  5. And I agree! The have part is easy but the not part is hard no?

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