Monday, April 14, 2014

L | 5 Most Important L's of LIFE

Start of a new week. A to K down. Wow! And it is time for "L". L is an easy word to write about - I mean there are just so many things which are integral to us and L - Life, Like, Love, Loss, Limits, Longing, Leaning, Laughing, Lessons, Listen, Left(-over, -ist,-feet), Light  - I mean you can write anything.

But in continuining with the "spirit of my theme", here I am pondering over what are the most important L’s of LIFE? Those L’s which govern your life, which create your present, which drive your future and which determine your ultimate destiny?

1) Love a little
Love is one of the most beautiful, powerful and transformational human emotion. If you are in a state of "Love", life is beautiful. So what to Love? Love yourself, your family, your friends, your institutions, your body, your mind, your heart, your past, your present, your home, your environment, your gifts, your talents, your education, your job, your spirit, your unique gifts, your dreams, your food, your sleep, your success, your failure, your laughs, your tears.. Love just about everything!

2) Learn a lot
Being a continuous and lifelong learner is one of the most important gifts you can bestow on yourself. And you can learn just about anything you want, and from just about anyone you think is qualified to teach you. Simply because continuous learning is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience in the journey of life. As you learn new things, you expose your mind, thoughts, emotions, dreams and life to new openings, new possibilities, new opportunities, new ideas, new harbingers. And hence it is important to make learning everyday a priority and a habit in your life.

3) Laugh a little
Laugh a little laugh everyday. It goes a long way in keeping you healthy, balanced, in control of things and equips you to see an alternative slice of life. Whatever makes you laugh, just spend 5 minutes doing it everyday

4) Live a lot
Live life - Truly experience what life has to offer. Good, Bad and Ugly. Take it in, Make it yours.. In this very moment. The present is all you've got! So truly Live it!

5) Let Live
Let others around you live. Live in peace, live with themselves and live with their beliefs and live to be happy! Don't judge, don't criticize and don't try to influence. Just let them be, like you'd like to Be!

So, what is your "L" view? Leave a comment to let me know

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  1. beautiful post :) love self n others, learn from everyone, laugh everyday, live n let live! indeed the most important L's of life :)
    a-z participant :)

  2. I like that Learning is one of these. So important to never stop learning.

  3. These are lovely Ls and very much interlinked with each other. Laugh live love - Yep much needed

  4. Lovely set of Ls ..Learning and loving ..And laughing my favourites :)

    L for loved-Random Thoughts Naba

  5. I agree to all Ls. Most importantly Live and Let Live :D

  6. Good one, Nischala! I like all the L's. :)

  7. Learning to love & loving to learn !

  8. This is a reminder, the L reminder. Thanks for penning down such wonderful thoughts. :)

  9. Wow! I love all the subheadings! That could be like a mantra for everyone! !