Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M | 3 M's which make the world go round and round

OK.. So I've been mulling over what are the 3 M's which make the world go round..   

(1) Money
Yes! Whether we like it or not. Money is an incredible power and force which truly makes the world go round. Money can be the cause for many beautiful creations and also the cause of several worldly destruction's. Money can make or break dreams, hopes, people, lives, families, communities, countries, nations and societies. Money can create divide, money can unite. Money can mend bridges and break them too. Money can conquer and money can conquest.
Yes! Money can do a lot of things.. And it surely plays a role in making the world go round and round

(2) Marriage
Marriage is that one institution which has existed from time immemorial. Marriage is the foundation on which history was made. Marriage is also the cause for history to be unmade. Marriages are the reason and cause we exist. Marriage is the cause for societies to thrive and flourish. Marriages is also the cause for perish! Marriage is the cause of happiness, good change and new beginnings. Marriages are also the cause of sadness, bad change and closures & endings.
And so Yes! Marriages can do a lot of things.. And they surely play a role in making the world go round and round

(3) Magic
Magic or that "special something" which you can't put your finger on, you can't spot, you can't define, you can't fully understand, you can't see - But you can feel and experience. The magic in the air, The magic within you, The magic of that force.. It exists! It is the answer to what science cannot fully explain, the mind cannot fully rationalize and one can never truly understand!
Yes! The Magic exists. Call it what you want. But it surely plays a role in making the world go round and round. You and Me exist because of this Magic

 As I sign-off, the quote for the day


  1. And of course, there are M&M's which sweeten up the moments :) Enjoyed reading this one, Nischala :)

  2. Magic is so exciting. Look at life as it were magical and it will me. Nice post.

  3. Yes,you have marked the three Ms quite nicely !

  4. I love your 3 M's, and I totally agree with you about Marriage. People don't seem to see how vital it is to life.

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  5. Mesmerizing to read the 3 Ms. You write so convincing. :)