Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S | The S Mantras of Life

Be Safe than Sorry

Say Sorry if it is your fault. Even if it is not your fault and the relationship means a lot, Say Sorry if it can save the relationship (Once in a way is OK!)

Save for the rainy days

Send some love and hugs to people who matter – once in a way

Simple Living is a good way to live

Sleep through the night, through the questions, through the stress – It is all good when you wake up! OK! May not be good. But you’ll feel better

Shine through. It is one life, and it is your life.

Skill / Re-skill / Cross-skill / Up-skill – Your skills define you.

Speak Up when you have to

Shut Up if you have nothing to say

Know when to Speak Up and when the Shut Up – This skill can take you to places you never knew existed

Store data and memories in an organized fashion – If not, Both are bound to become a mess

Stop when you think it is not worth going any further. It is OK to stop

Be Still. There is great value and learning in stillness

Be Sure or Not – Both are fine, as long as you know where to draw the line

Start doing that one thing you always wanted to do.. TODAY

Smile often

Solve problems more often. The more you run away, the more they will catch up on you

And as I sign-off, the thought for the day


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