Sunday, April 6, 2014

The World and Life of a Child

That one wrong thought
That one inappropriate word
That one dirty look
That one bad touch
That one unfortunate act
That one unforgettable secret
That one moment of fear
That one thing which can never really be undone

Are all it takes
To change one life
To shatter his / her self-confidence
To make him / her disconnected from reality
To take him / her to unknown dark places and space
To compel him / her grow up sooner than they should
To lose faith / trust in people and the world
To question the meaning of life and existence

Be sensitive
Be thoughtful
Be kind
Be nice
Get real

It is one precious life
The life of a child

It is one promising future
The future of a child

It is one beautiful world
Let it stay that way

Child Sex Abuse
Not worth it!
Don't ... Please Don't

Written as part of the Child Sex Abuse Awareness Month - April 2014

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As I sign-off I'm sharing a video which can / should / must be show to children to communicate the key messages. Finally, it really is about the child!

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  1. Powerful post. Thanks for sharing this with us at CSAAM 2014, Nischala.