Saturday, April 26, 2014

W | Oh Worry, Dear Worry.. The Family of Worries

Worry Worry Worry
You and I
We are almost always worried
About this that and the other

The thing about Worry
Is that it comes from a big big family
And from a very illustrious lineage
There's Grandpa Worry and Grandma Worry
There's Mummy Worry and Daddy Worry
And all the baby Worries
Each one of them
Are indeed powerful in their own right

I'd rather not have worry as my
First Name, Middle Name or Last Name
But this Worry Family
Almost always lures me
Almost always welcomes me
Almost always befriends me
Almost always wants to be on my side
For almost everything

The Worry family
Wants to be with me at day and night
When I am awake and asleep
And with or without an invitation
That is the way WORRY IS

Worry Worry Worry
You and me
We Worry a lot
Knowing full well
That worry will take us so far

We all worry too much about
our appearance
our weight
our education
our friends
our health
our development
our interests
our priorities
our habits
our ways
our safety and security
our dreams
our battles
our anxieties
our failures
our tears
our preferences
our ideas
our beliefs
our future
our career
our love
our nuptials
our children
our happiness
our fears
our trials
our worries (yes! we worry about worry)
our finances
our despair
our hopes
our choices
our decisions
our desires
our weaknesses
our successes
our heart-aches
our mistakes
our thoughts
our words
our deeds
our attitude
our aptitude
our behavior
our creativity
our style
our views
our opinions
our perspectives
our questions
our answers
our society
our destiny

And we worry knowing full well
That worry will not solve a problem
Or take you where you want

What will truly help and enable
Is to stop worrying
And start doing

Did I say it right? Leave a comment to let me know

And how could I not end this post with this


  1. Worry is truly a waste of time and what a resource on worry you have put up here. Really enjoyed reading about it. Hope you too don't worry this much about worry.
    Liked the really exhaustive list many things not to worry about.

  2. What a beautiful post that really shows what is happening and our over worrying.

  3. I've been worrying a lot lately about money and my future, so this was a timely post. You said it perfectly!

  4. I really like this! I guess it be all worry a little less, we will be a lot happier ...things seem to work out the way they should anyway. Thanks for reminding STOP worrying!!

  5. Worry is something which will eat your confidence, your time, your optimism!!! Still one can't stop oneself from worries