Monday, April 28, 2014

X | The X-Factor in you and is you! :)

X-Factor refers to "a noteworthy special talent or quality". And there is an X-factor in everyone, you and me.

It is for us to
discover it
accept it
love it
nurture it
capitalize on it
showcase it
glorify it

There are moments
when you wonder
if you have that X-factor
in YOU!

Those moments of failure
Those moments of criticism
Those moments of heart-aches
Those moments of self-doubt
Those moments of  judgment
Those moments of  mistakes
Those moments of decision
Those moments of ???

All those moments, experiences and lessons
Make you more you
than anyone else

yes, you and I
We both have our special X-factor
Time to find it, eh?


  1. Yes, of course! :) Good one Nischala.

  2. I love the assemblage of QUOTES
    and what a message . Yes the x factor in me is me :)
    good one

  3. We are all unique with our own X factors !