Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Of trust and distrust.. Tales unfold

Trust from within
Trust far without

And all it takes
Is that one moment
To make or break the trust

If trust is broken
Shed tears of pain
Mend the broken heart
Let it heal
With the medicine you deem fit

Be sure to wear a new garb
Over the wounds
And learn to trust again

For each trust or mis-trust
Comes into your life
For a very specific reason
To teach you
The very many lessons
Of life - It ways and its miracles
And of tales (un)told

Accept the lesson
Take it to heart
And with an open mind
Internalize the lessons
Realize the ways of the cosmos

But don't let the heart
Close its doors
For there is no life worthwhile
Without love and trust
Trust again with all your heart!

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