Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is there any value in sheer “PRESENCE”?

There are so many times / situations / circumstances in life when you find people just “present” – required / not required or invited / uninvited or welcome / unwelcome. They grace the occasion with their “presence”

Sometimes they observe everything with a keen eye
Sometimes they are just not interested
They say nothing
They do nothing
They add nothing
But they are physically present…
Let me give you a few real-life examples:

Case 1 | There’s an accident on the road, and you see a crowd. A big crowd of people who neither helps, nor assists nor asks or says anything. They simply stand and watch. Like it’s an entertainment show or it is live entertainment. The situations needs people to act and assist in any possible way (Call the police, Call the ambulance, Help the accident victims, etc.) – But the vast majority grace the event with their presence..
Is there any value in “sheer presence”?

Case 2 | There’s a family function, and I observe many people again grace the occasion just by their presence. They again neither greet anyone nor smile nor participate nor say anything. They’re lost in their own world, do what they have to do; and leave.
Is there any value in “sheer presence”?

Case 3 | In everyday life, you see so many such people in so many instances. At the market, at the malls, at home, at the workplace… you see them everywhere. They are just “present” – Don’t really say anything worthwhile, don’t really do anything worthwhile..
Is there any value in “sheer presence”?

I can’t help but wonder
Do they really have nothing to do with their time or life?
What’s on their minds?
That makes them simply present

Do they not understand the need of the hour?
Do they not know what to say?
Do they not know what to do?
Do they not want to do / say anything?
Do they not understand that they can say something?
Do they not understand that they can do something?
Do they not understand that they can make a difference?

Agreed that many of us “grace” situations / events / occasions several times in our life out of choice / compulsion, and hence we “turn-off” due to sheer disinterest or we are pre-occupied elsewhere. But if you find it as a repeated behavior in yourself / someone almost all the time.. Then what?

May be some pondering
May be some reflection
May be some self-awareness
May be some introspection
May be some questioning
May be some self-examination
May be look for some answers…

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