Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ultimate List of Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids | 50+ Options

Return Gifts in birthdays is a definite new trend. I mean when I was a kid every birthday party would have a cake, some decorations, new clothes, party snacks and some games.The birthday boy and girl would give you a gift and you'd all enjoy the food, games and fun. End of party!

Today, birthday celebrations are just not so simple. They are large, grand, more commercial, more hype, more stress, more "deep in the pockets"..

And the one thing that is a 'highlight' in almost every birthday party is the 'return gift' - Basically, it is the gift that you (as the host) give to all the kids who attend the party.

Now almost all new-age parents I know break their head over what gift to give.. From some it is about the cost, for some it is about utility, for some it is about a 'unique' gift (that is much the topic of discussion over the next few days!) and for many it is just a 'tick-mark' in the 'To Do list' for any party celebration

Anyways in this post I am sharing a list of return gift birthday ideas for kids

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Lunch Boxes
  3. School bag
  4. Puzzles
  5. Activity Games , between 50 Rs to whatever your budget is
  6. Stationary Box
  7. Pouch
  8. Crayons
  9. Paints and Brushes
  10. Piggy Bank
  11. 3D Drinking glasses
  12. Table Mats with coaster (cartoon characters)
  13. Fridge magnet
  14. Photo frames with instant picture of kids
  15. Home made chocolates
  16. Home made soaps
  17. Printed umbrellas
  18. Wall clocks or table clocks for their room
  19. Dinner plates
  20. Milk mugs
  21. Kids accessories
  22. Kaleidoscope
  23. "Glowing" bedsheets / bedspreads (which glow in the dark)
  24. Clothes / T-shirts
  25. Baby magnifying glasses
  26. Baby binoculars
  27. Globe
  28. Sling bags
  29. Story books
  30. Coloring books
  31. Personalized journals
  32. Activity Kits for children
  33. Name stickers for labeling their stuff
  34. Personalized sketch books
  35. Sipper bottles
  36. Wall art
  37. Deoderants
  38. Key chains
  39. Named wall decals
  40. Amar Chithra Katha book series
  41. Sipper glasses
  42. Utility Pen Stand
  43. Worksheets for children (To write / draw) 
  44. Personalized Clock (with name / photo of the kid)
  45. Personalized Towel (with name / photo of the kid)
  46. Personalized Photo frame (with / without photo of the kid)
  47. Personalized Milk mug (with name / photo of the kid)
  48. Personalized Books (with name / photo of the kid)
  49. Personalized Keychains (with name / photo of the kid)
  50. Personalized Customized pouch (with name / photo of the kid)
  51. Personalized Named bead chains / bracelets)
  52. Personalized T-shirts (with name / photo of the kid)
Any ideas I missed? Leave a comment to add to this list


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