Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What makes a good "Reality TV Show" judge?

Over the past few years, the number of Reality TV shows has boomed. Almost every TV channel has one / several reality shows running at any given point of time. And while each show has different idea / concept / focus, one thing is definite - Having a known / celebrity judge!

After all, one reason for audience interest and good TRP's (Target Rating Points) is to have an interesting / diverse panel of judges who can provide feedback (and much needed "drama") during the show.

So I can't help and wonder "What really makes a good "Reality TV Show" judge?" (Celebrity status aside)

In this blog, listing my views:
(1) Knowledge on what's being judged (Be it music, dance, drama, performance, cooking, etc.)

(2) Some level of real-life "Hands-On" experience on what's being judged. And some public credentials to speak / show for the same. So if you're judging a dance show, you should have some real experience in dance or performing arts

(3) Maturity to judge a show (Not every one can qualify to judge, no matter what level of knowledge and expertise you have!)

(4) Unbiased / Neutral in views / opinions / perspectives

(5) Ability to give "constructive feedback" to the participants. And I don't mean you should be nice always, but you should be sensitive NOT to destroy an individual's self-confidence, especially since it is up for public viewing

(6) Openness to accept (in public) when you're Wrong

(7) Willingness to apologize (in public) if the situation warrants

(8) Good communication skills - After all, you should be able to make your point, and explain it!

(9) Sense of humor; to laugh at yourself in public & laugh with / at others

(10) Well dressed : After all, you are in front of public eyes for that 1 hour. So it makes sense to dress up well.

That's my view! What's yours? Leave a comment to let me know

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