Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What "really" matters?

"What "really" matters?", I wonder
In the larger scheme of things
You or Me or Us or All of it

What we did? or
What we did not do?
What we said? or
What we did not say?
What we thought? or
What we did not think?
What difference we made? or
What we did differently?
How we lived our life? or
How we let them live their life?
How we touched their life? or
How we left their life untouched?

A bit of this and a bit of that
is what really matters I think

Life cannot be almost always about you
Neither can it be almost always about them
A fine balance is what it is
To me you you, and make me me...

For with age, experience and time..
I'm beginning to "truly" understand
The life lessons which were told to me
Very very many times

I'll recount some of those life lessons in this post..

(1) Age will catch up on you.. No matter what you do! And it does affect the quality (and quantity) of your life

(2) The little daily things matter the most, and are what bring a smile or laugh or create that special memory

(3) Say Sorry and Thank You here and now. You never really may get the next chance

(4) You will pay a price for your "karma".. Both good, bad and ugly - There is no escape

(5) Stay True to yourself.. When you sleep (both temporary and permanently)

(6) Think before you speak or do something..

(7) So people, relationships are simply not worth investing time and money in. Better to cut your losses and move on

(8) Expectations are the cause for almost every single problem in this world.. Try to expect less

(9) Be clear on your priorities for life.. Live accordingly

(10) Nothing is permanent but change. Today may be the best / worst day of your life. There's no telling how tomorrow can / will be..

(11) There is only so much in your control. Beyond that, what is meant to be will be

(12) Your past defines you, and makes you you. Don't shy away from it

(13) Choose your battles wisely ; Not all battles are worth fighting

(14) Live a little for yourself everyday. After all, the longest and most lasting relationship you'll ever have is with yourself

(15) It is OK to break the rules once in a way, as long as you're not really on the wrong side of the law

(16) If it means something deeply to you, do it today

(17) Laugh and smile a little everyday

(18) Give a hug to a special him / her everyday

(19) A daily routine and self-discipline are two of the biggest assets you can ever have. Invest on building them. They will hold you in good stead on many a rainy day

(20) Once lost, something's will never ever ever come back to you...

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