Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Road

The Road
Can be wide or narrow or in-between
Can be long or short or in-between
Can be hard or soft or in-between
Can be straight or curvy or in-between

The Road
At day, its there to see in the natural light
At night, its a beauty with all the lights
But not many pause on the road
To observe, to admire, to appreciate
The many sights, sounds and scenes
On many a busy road

The Road
It always takes you from here to there
You need to know the here
You need to know the there
And of course, you need to know how to go from here to there

The Road
It stands as a witness to every day life
The people
The sounds
The stories
The joys
The sorrows
The life
And the death

All come and go
But the memories stay
With the road
On the road
By the road

The Road
You need it
You use it
But do you respect it enough?

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