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60+ Veggie Lunch-Box Menu Ideas for School kids

Once you have school going children, one of the question which gives mothers many a sleepless night is "What to pack for your child in that tiffin-box?" - especially if you have small kids (less than 10  years) who are slow / fussy eaters.

For most mothers (and the chef daddies) a few considerations top that list
1) Easy to eat
2) Quick to cook
3) Easy to pack (spill-proof)
4) Edible even when cold (like some food stuff get hard / do not taste good when cold / if eaten after a long time)
5) Nutritious and healthy to give energy to the kids, and keep them going through all that the school expects out of them!!!

The things which really help here
1) Some variation in what you cook
2) Planning so you know what to make before you start
3) Creativity in how you present / pack the box. (I know mom's who are awesome in this department, and hence no matter what the taste is the kids eat it :)
4) In addition to the main meal, it is also good to have accompaniments which your kid can nibble if he / she does not feel like eating what you've sent. This can include a fruit (pear, grapes, sliced cucumber, etc.), dry fruit (badam, cashew, etc.), a tetrapack juice (like Yakult), a dry snack (a pack of biscuits, etc.)

I've been doing this for over 2 years now and in this post sharing all the children lunch-box menu ideas. You can make a combination pack

1) Idli / Cocktail idli

2) Dosa (Can be make interesting with different shapes)

3) Bread with butter and jam

4) Bread with nutella

5) Macaroni -  (Many options based on type of macaroni and vegetables used)

6) Pasta (Many options based on type of macaroni and vegetables used)

7) Noodles

8) Boiled eggs

9) Egg paratha roll

10) Plain paratha with a dry vegetable

11) Aloo paratha

12) Gobi paratha

13) Puri

14) Aloo Puri

15) Palak Puri

16) Palak paratha

17) Methi paratha

18) Egg rice

19) Cutlet

20) Baby pizza

21) Bread pizza

22) Bread and cheese

23) Mixed vegetable paratha

23) Vegetable paniyaram / pullunta

24) Dhokla

25) Vegetable sandwich

26)  Sooji halwa

27) Wheat halwa

28) Semiya upma

29) Roti pizza (Dough of suji and wheat flour. Make rotis of it little thick as paratha and roast both sides on tawa for puree. Top with tomato and basil leaves puree and put on the base. Add veggies like capsicum, onions and olives , top it with cheese)

30)  Boiled veggies with seasoning

31) Pav Bhaji

32) Beetroot Paratha

33) Green Moong Pulav

34) Methi thepla and beet root vegetable

35) Beetroot rice with brocolli

36) Bread roll

37) Vegetable rice

38) Burger (Many options based on type of bread and variations of filling - Potato, Vegetable, Paneer)

39) Hot-dog (Many options based on type vegetables used)

40)  Fried rice

41) Carrot rice

42) Tomato rice

43) Idli upma

44) Upma

45) Corn Vegetable Pulav

46) Baby Corn Manchurain

47) Sweet potato cakes / cutlets

48) Carrot Spinach idlis

49) Buttermilk upma

50) Green moong spinach pesarettu

51) Buckwheat nutelle crepes

52) Vegetable idlis

53) Egg sandwich

54) Baby uthapams

55) Khichidi

56) Salted daliya

57) Bread pakora

58) Tri colored rice

59) Peas paratha

60) Akki roti

61) Millet idli

62) Lemon rice / Mango rice

63) Curd rice with fruits (like grapes) or cucumber

64) Vegetable 'fries'

65) Pita pocket pizza

Any more ideas to add to this list? Leave a comment to let me know

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