Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The gap between thought and deed

All it takes is a thought
To start a change
To move ahead
To positivity
To new harbingers
To create an impact
To change the world
To make a difference

And yet the distance between thought and deed
Can sometimes take 1 second and
sometimes a lifetime

Why? I wonder and ponder
Many Many reasons

For some it is sheer inertia
For many it is lack of motivation
For some it is lack of focus
For many is it lack of support
For some it is the effect of their environment
For many it is lack of a catalyst
For some it is the lack of time
For many it is low in priority
For some it is limited resources
For many it is

Whatever be the reason
That gap is real
That gap exists
That gap can be bridged
Only by YOU..

What do you choose today?

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