Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What 2014 taught me? - Life Lessons

It is already December 2014. Another year gone by. Sigh! I wonder where and how the time zooms by. I'm a year older, hopefully with more life experience / wisdom! :)This year I decided to take things slow in December 2014. I'd ear marked it for some reflection and introspection on the year gone by. And quiet time to think through and plan for 2015!With all the thinking comes a lot of analysis, and some takeaways - which I call the "Lessons of Life". So in this post, I'll share the essence of "What 2014 taught me?"

* Everything happens in life for a reason. You can connect the dots really well only looking back and rarely looking forward.

* Open Two-way Communication and Trust are most important in any relationship - To begin a relationship, to nurture it and it make it work in the long run

* If Trust is broken in any relationship, it is hard to re-gain the same. Things rarely are the same ever again

* Being a mother changes your life in unimaginable ways. Many times you surprise yourself by the nature and magnitude of these changes

* Self-awareness, Self-control and Self-discipline are assets worth investing in every day. They can change your life

* (Formal) Learning is so important after an age and phase in life. That is key to one's personal growth and development

* The immediate physical living environment affects your life in very many ways - your thoughts, your emotions, your energies, your motivations

* "Purpose in life" is so critical to a worthwhile existence. The larger / grander the purpose, the richer your existence

* Most times the best way to get something done is to start doing it. Even if you don't finish it, you'll reach somewhere - and that will leave you richer with experience

* Many times, there is more power in the questions than the answers

* It is not about what you say or who says it. It is almost always about How you say it - that can make/ break it

* The most effective way to get something is to ask for it. After we hit a particular age / phase, many of us find it hard to ask - mostly for fear of judgment

* Saying NO is truly liberating. Try it

* Some battles in life are totally worth fighting. They take time and effort. Heart and head burns too. No matter if you win or lose, there is victory in the fight! But choose the battles wisely

* After an age, it is so important to consciously push yourself out of the comfort zone. The reactions / response may surprise you

* Networks and friendships will grow only if you invest in them  - with time, energy, interactions, conversations, commitment, positivity, love and openness

What did 2014 teach you? Leave a comment to let me know


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  1. That's some wonderful lessons learned! Yes, saying 'No' definitely is liberating! :D