Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indian Women At Work Survey Results are out!

The Women at work survey results are out. Refer below to the key insights and findings.
But first, Why I did this survey?
All regular readers of my writings know that the topic of Indian women at work is close to my heart.
One, I am a working woman in India, and have been so for more than a decade now.
Two, I see young women around me at various stages and phases of their career journey. While I see passion, hope and commitment in their eyes and dreams in their heart, I also hear so many questions on the How? When? Where? Questions which plagued me in the past, are knocking their door-step today. And there are very limited resources to answer and help them navigate their career trajectories.
Three, I really believe that the time is right to bring to the fore-front conversations around women at the workplace. "If not now, then when?" I wonder.

As I look back to connect the dots of my career and life, I realize and recognize that being a working woman / mother in India is not (always) easy, and comes with its share of great, good, bad and ugly. The fact is there are multidimensional issues which are 'real and complex'. I also understand that no two women have the same context and circumstance, and so their choices and career trajectories are different. There is surely "no one size that fits all", so what is good for me may simply be irrelevant for you.

But there must be a common view-point. Something which summarizes the general trends. And so the survey. I wanted to get the views and perspectives from people on the topic of "Indian women at work". So the survey was a pulse-check of the situation at the ground , and a peak into what the real issues are, and what can possibly make a difference for the case and cause of Indian women at work.
Thanks to all those who filled the survey. I truly appreciate the 3 minutes you gave for filling this.
And yes! The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT : A lot of my writings for 2015 around "Indian Women At Work" will be based on the insights of this survey. So hope you enjoy reading me

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Indian Women At Work Survey

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