Thursday, February 5, 2015

Star Moment | My 1st Newspaper Interview and a Dream Come True

The print newspaper and me go a long way spanning many many many decades. We’ve always had an interesting relationship.
Sometimes, I consider it my best friend and read it fully.
Many times, I consider it to be an acquaintance and steal a glance (to see if there is anything interesting  in the images)
Sometimes, I ignore it.
And many times, I look at a picture / read an article and dream “I wish it was me“.

I’m excited and happy to share that my dream came true :) My “Star Moment” and my 1st newspaper interview is below on Deccan Chronicles (Bangaluru Edition)

How it came to be?
It was a pleasant surprise when I received a message a few weeks ago from the Features Editor of Deccan Chronicles that they wanted to feature me in their paper as they regularly feature 'inspirational women / women entrepreneurs'. I really wasn't sure "What I had done to feature here?". Out of curiosity, I responded saying that I'm open to discuss. What followed next was a couple of connects, interactions and conversations. And I was interviewed for a couple of questions. Again, honestly - I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. I thought it was for a small feature that they'll publish. But, I was in for a very pleasant surprise when I saw a full length photo of me.
"Wow! That is a dream come true", and surely my "Star Moment". And yes, I will save the paper as something I'll show my grandchildren some day :). Special thanks to Nuvena Rajendran for making this happen.It is indeed wonderful to be acknowledged and appreciated for your efforts.

And since I was interviewed on a lot more than what they newspapers printed, I'm sharing some of my other responses here on the blog.

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