Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Woman's Day 2015

Firstly, Happy Woman's Day 2015.

As a build-up to Woman's Day, I did a series of posts (infographics) for the past few days, and sharing a round-up of the links below:

300+ years of women at work | What were her key enablers?.

As I looked back at my blogs / writings, I realized that I do one post a year in which I capture views of different women on one topic.. Refer below to some of the earlier compilations

What it means to be a mother?

And for a round-up of the most loved posts that I've written on Women At Work, refer the list below

Why women should work? – Here are 30 good reasons

50 Things I wish I’d truly understood (as a WOMAN) when I started my corporate career

Will you let ‘HER’ fly?

My Secret Wishlist for my girls

5 Distinguishing Traits of a prosperous woman

What working women can learn about productivity from ants?

Mentors for working women : Essential, but do they exist?

Power of only women social networks

Why is it so hard for working mothers in India?

Working mothers career continuum : Focus, Flex, Flow

Know a woman (in India) on a career break and looking to resume work? You must read this post…

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