Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Does your social behavior influence the way you think?

"The more I tweet, I observe that my thoughts and words are getting tweet sized"

 So I’ve been wondering if my social behaviors influence my real world behavior. By social media behaviors what I really mean is which social channels I use, and how much you use it as a part of your daily lives.

Personally, I can vouch for this based on 3 real-life examples
1)    Days / Times when I use a lot of Twitter – the usage of words (oral / written) even in real-life are ‘tweet-sized’. Short, succinct, to the point. The impact is that I speak lesser, my mails are shorter, meetings end before time :)
2)    Days / Times when my muse are infographics – Everything I do, I keep thinking how I can represent it with an infographic!
3)    Days / Times when I am completely entrenched in blogging – Everything I do, say, think – I’m actively looking for ways to create a blog post…

It appears like as if the more time I put into a social media platform, there is some re-wiring in my brain which compels me to look at all aspects of my life based on my social media behavioral patterns! Something like a re-train the brain seems to happen based on usage!

While there are benefits in being focused and building / enhancing / enriching your ‘social media garden / estate’ – I also think that may be there is a flip-side too! May be in the quest to be ‘social on social media’ – the real-life experience is actually getting diluted , and one ends up creating / building patterns of human behavior which may not serve me well.

For now, this thought has inspired this post and left me pensive!

What are your views? Leave a comment to let me know

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